Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Check-In

I have fallen prey to the first cold of the season--and is it a doozy! Most of it is in the throat, so though my breathing is clear (thank goodness) I cannot talk or swallow without soreness.

Nonetheless, I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend.

Cards: done!
1) Finish editing Christmas newsletter and print.
2) Stuff envelopes with newsletter, photos and cards.
3) Address and stamp cards.
4) Buy Christmas stamps.

They are even mailed.

Food: done!
5) Plan Christmas eve menu
6) Plan New Year's Menu
7) Plan all the other meals for December
8) Do the pantry and freezer inventory

I've planned the baking for the teacher and Scout leader gifts and included the ingredients I need in the grocery list. I may or may not be able to get all of it, though. The store could be cleaned out of baking items by the time I get there, today! It's happened before.

General: not done.
9) File papers on desk
9a) Take action on anything needing it.

This is worse than ever.

Looking Forward:
10) Purchase scrapbook calendar for project done.
11) Start gathering supplies for Science Experiments not done.

Depends on Hubby:

He went into work on both his days off this weekend--and still managed to get this done. I am pleased.

12) Take down cement board done!
13) Cut and install backer board done!
14) Plan tile layout not done. I'll have to get to it tomorrow. The rest of the project is now up to me.

15) Go to the Festival of Trees.
Sadly, we didn't go. I think the kids have outgrown it.

Today, I really need to clean off this desk and sit down and do some more Christmas planning.

And, of course, there's the daily housekeeping checklist, too.


onshore said...

Well done! I bought my cards ages ago but have not yet written anything on them.

Also great to hear your bathroom renovation is moving on.

Shari said...

Hi Alana - looks like you are making great progress with your holiday prep - congratulations! Have been missing you on the forum. How fantastic that you are working on your bathroom renovation too.

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