Friday, December 30, 2011

Finish It Friday.

So much to do!

I want to get it all done before the New Year (Sunday.) That's not going to happen--but maybe by Tuesday?

1. Speaking of Tuesday, it's the Big Shop, so I have to take an inventory of the pantry and freezer, plan all of our dinners for January and make a shopping list.

2. Finish running off the duplicates of the calendar I made for my Mom.

3. Take the calendars Staples to be bound. Yikes. I hadn't realised I'd left it so late! Mail them.

4. Write up my Statement of Intent for Cathy Zielske's Big Picture Class: Move More, Eat Well (MMEW).

5. Finish my pre-class assignment for MMEW.

6. Vacuum the stairs.

7. Work on my goals for 2012. Create a list of specific ones to work on for January, specifically. In other words, get specific!

7b: Finish post of top 11 accomplishments in 2011.

8. Create my project list for January.

9. Get out to a scrapbook store and buy kraft coloured cardstock.

10. Find a hair salon we can afford and within walking distance and make hair appointments for my daughter and I. (I found a place in B.C. which will accept 9" pony tail of my grey hair to make into a wig for Cancer patients.)

What do you think? Would something like this be cute?

Created with the assistance of the Instyle Makeover Tool.

It makes me want to laugh!


scb said...

I like that haircut! The picture makes me want to smile back. You are looking GOOD!

onshore said...

I also think the haircut looks good, but if you don't have naturally wavy hair I quess it requires some work everyday to make the look. To me that would be impossible to do everyday, but maybe you have better habits.

Your skin looks very good in the picture, very clear.

MMarie said...

Alana, it's super cute! Go for it. Also, give yourself a few haircuts with a new hairstylist so they can get used to you and you can get used to them. It may take a couple cuts to get it just right for you.

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