Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keeping On

Thanks so much for your encouragement.
It means the world to me.

So, on to today's Daily Checklist.

Weigh myself: oops.

Make bed: check

Wash breakfast dishes:

Well, they weren't so much the breakfast dishes as they were leftovers from last night. The dinner dishes were done--by my daughter. I had to run an errand last night. Came home to Aurelia/Emma standing at the sink nearly over flowing with water, dish rack nearly full and in the middle of a noisy, ugly, crocodile cry. I didn't ask.

But look! A completely cleared counter. Haven't seen that in a long while.

Pick up House: done.

Swish and swipe:
downstairs: yes
upstairs, yes. How quickly it went given yesterdays marathon!

Laundry: started two, transferred two, folded one.

Review Calendar, make To-Do List:
1) Bake cookies! I'll do this shortly when my daughter gets home from school.
2) Work on calendar
(I've put in about an hour or so, today. I'm somewhere in Chapter 10 of Great Expectations.)
3) Vacuum back entry: no
4) Vacuum stairs: no
5) Put recycling out for pick-up (last chance until January 5th): Will do this evening.

Do One Essential Task: The cookies.

Weekly Chores: Thursday
file papers: no

Pay bills: yes.

Our electric/water bill came yesterday: it was extraordinarily high. My first thought was: I'll kill those kids for leaving the computer/x-box/TV on all the time--when I suddenly realised it was a bill for two months, not one. I checked my household management binder, and sure enough, I'd forgotten to pay the bills I normally pay in the first half of the month. I was mortified. And scared. It's been a long time since I've fallen behind paying the bills.

It's like some housekeeping Dementor came and sucked two weeks out of my life. (My daughter and I are now well into The Order of the Phoenix.)

wash Kitchen floor: no

wash bathroom floors.
Downstairs: my son did this for me yesterday.
Upstairs: no

I purchased and downloaded my Motivated Mom's 2012 chore list today. My plan is to use it as a reference--which makes it sort of silly that I purchased it. I have copies of previous years' on my computer and it doesn't change.

I thought I would go through it and schedule in those things I haven't got already on my list. I'd like to do this all at once--for the whole year--and run off my own week per day list to keep in my home management binder, but the chances of that are probably slim.

Most of the cleaning on this list will be done tomorrow. I actually think I just may get the calendar done in time for my Mom on Christmas Eve. Cross your fingers for me!


scb said...

You can do it!!! (ref: the calendar)

one of these days I might get motivated to actually do some more housework/decluttering/allthatstuff myself...

onshore said...

Have you thought about putting the bills on automatic? I've put most on direct debit, it's easier (to me).

Will you be spending the Christmas in your place?

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