Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Thank you all so much for being here for me this year. I am so grateful for your readership, support and encouragement. I love sharing things with you all.

I hope each and every one of you has a terrific holiday--and that it brings you what you need and want.

Today will be a bevy of activity: cleaning up, making tortiere and wrapping things last minute: but it will all be OK.

So, without further ado, this is the house all decked out for Christmas. Remember, my children took it upon themselves to almost every bit of it and I'm very grateful to them for getting it all done.


What you don't still have your pumpkins out on your front porch?

Immediately to your right as you enter are the cards on the wall.

The living room is on the left, of course.

Most of everything is concentrated at the far end.

the tree:

the faux fireplace:

A few treasures on the mantle:

Ben/Caius made this in kindergarten, I believe.

and to the far right of the mantle, on the shelf, our creche:

My husband built the stable years ago when the kids used to put their plastic animals inside.

This is our only set.
My Mom has eleven.

On your way out of the living room, tucked in the corner, is this message:

The dining room is quite minimal.

I cleared out a cubby for this prize.

Emma/Aurelia won it in a draw at school.

The kitchen is quite low-key this year with just this garland.

I think it's a nice touch.

And that is that.
Thanks so much for dropping by.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

It's all looking great, Alana! I had to laugh....when I was reading this I thought you'd written that you had to make "torture" and I was trying to figure out how that would work! Ha!

Enjoy the tortiere and have a wonderful Christmas!

scb said...

I love your house! The kids did a fantastic job of decorating, and the pumpkins on the steps are so cool.

Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. I'm so glad we've been friends over the past few years. You are a treasure.


onshore said...

Very pretty, I love the Peace letters on the piano. Did you paint them the same colour as the piano stool legs? Or did they just happen to be that colour.

This year I had Christmas decorations only in teh livingroom, but I kind of wish a had a little something in other rooms too like you have.

The Farmers Daughter said...

NICE! I didn't do anything other than the trees this year.. Maybe next year- your place looks festive!

Have a very merry Christmas

Amber said...


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