Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We're having power outages in the house: so it may be a miracle this gets posted at all!

I apologize for yet another housekeeping post. But, if I don't report what I did (and did not do) today--I may do nothing at all tomorrow. I'm tempted. I feel Christmas breathing down my back as I am doing my best to work quickly on this calendar for my mother (copies of which go to my Mother-in-law and my grandmother).

I checked out an audiobook of Great Expectations from the library to keep me company. I fervently and heartily wish I had thought of this in November!

OK: the checklist:

weigh myself: no

make bed: check

wash breakfast dishes: again, they were some of last night's dinner dishes. I really must do them after supper tonight!

Pick up house: no. But things are still looking half way presentable from yesterday. Well, OK, if you ignore the hallway outside the bathroom, of course.

You were all so kind about my living room yesterday, I thought I'd treat you to a box-free view!

the kids did all the decorating by themselves

swish and swipe bathroom:
upstairs: after neglecting this bathroom for about two weeks, it was an intense S&S, I assure you.
Downstairs: yes.

Laundry: Folded a load, transferred one, started one.

Calendar review and To Do list: no.

Do One Essential Task: No.

Weekly Tasks:
All caught up on Sunday and Monday's.

Vacuumed front entry way carpet and the living room (and removed ketchup stains). I still have to do the back entry and the stairs (which really, really need it!)

Wash hardwood floors (a quick vacuum will have to do!)
Clean microwave, inside and out. yes! Finally. We had a container of honey spring a leak while it was inside, recently. Is that TMI?


Happy Winter solstice!


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I often take out audio books from the library and listen to them while cleaning/painting/'s a great way to keep the boredom from the drudgery at bay!

onshore said...

I like your housekeeping posts, keep those coming if it helps you.

scb said...

I like your housekeeping posts, too.

I *LOVE* your living room. It looks fabulous.

Honey is such a messy thing. I dropped a glass jar of liquid honey once. What a mess!!!

All the best for the season -- Happy Christmas!

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