Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finish It Up Friday

Yeah, OK, it's Saturday, but whatever.

My Big To-Do's this weekend have to do with getting the newsletter and Christmas Cards out and preparing for the Big Shop on Tuesday. Here's the list:

1) Finish editing Christmas newsletter and print.
2) Stuff envelopes with newsletter, photos and cards.
3) Address and stamp cards.
4) Buy Christmas stamps.

5) Plan Christmas eve menu
6) Plan New Year's Menu
7) Plan all the other meals for December
8) Do the pantry and freezer inventory

9) File papers on desk
9a) Take action on anything needing it.

Looking Forward:
10) Purchase scrapbook calendar for project
11) Start gathering supplies for Science Experiments

Depends on Hubby:
12) Take down cement board
13) Cut and install backerboard
14) Plan tile layout

15) Go to the Festival of Trees.

Target Date for Completion: Monday.

The Daily Housekeeping Report:

Make Bed: Yes. And I got the bright idea to take the kleenex I've been picking up off the floor for the past three days to the closed bathroom garbage instead of putting them back in the bedroom garbage basket. Dratted dog.

Last night, no.
Today? My son did a load. He's re-washing it. Then, I'll step in and finish up.

Laundry: folded one, transferred one, started one.

Pick up and put away: As well as I was able.

Swish and swipe: down, yes. up, yes!

Review Calendar, make to do list: yes!

One Essential Task: (Print off newsletters): in progress.

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