Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Quick Lick and A Promise...

Don't mind me.

Are you familiar with the expression, "a lick and a promise?" It means to just do something very quickly and not at all thoroughly. That was me and housecleaning today. I did just the bare minimum.

So here's the run down:

Weigh myself --yes

Make bed --yes

Wash breakfast dishes --well, they were from last night. They took all of 15 minutes.

Pick up house --I made a half hearted attempt. Things are still looking pretty good after yesterday.

Swish and Swipe --both bathrooms. I just used my bare hand for the upstairs sink, though. I'm out of cleaning cloths.

Laundry: I took one load out of the drier (didn't fold it though there were only three items. Sheets. Shudder. I hate folding sheets. They inevitably touch the floor and when they do they feel contaminated, somehow.)

Make To-Do list. Nah.

Do One Essential Task.
Well, actually, today there's two.

One is to glue my son's bed back together. I'll do that with my husband later this evening. (I have no idea what happened.)

The other was to vacuum.

Which I gladly did.

And that's that.

If you like seeing different houses with the same floor plan, you may be in for a treat tomorrow. We're currently bringing in mail from two houses which are almost exactly the same as ours. I think it's very cool how different all three look and feel.

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onshore said...

A lick and a promise in housekeeping is a whole lot better than doing nothing. It's the right direction anyway.
Have you thought about enrolling to the org101 again? I'm sort of interested of the forum that is now open all year long, but I'm not sure it will stay active in real life as long.

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