Friday, December 23, 2011

Calendar: One Down, Two to Go.


I have finished the version of the (8x8) calendar I will give to my Mom. Just in time! As for the copies to be mailed to my Mother-in-law and my Grandmother, the pages are scanned and the months of 2012 are typed into the computer: I just can't finish printing them out until I can get out and buy a black ink cartridge for the printer. Urgh.


January to June:

July to December:

I did this the quickest way I know how: the same background cardstock (kraft--I had just enough), a patterned paper for the photo mat (just because I love patterned paper), one embellishment and one quote on coordinating cardstock. I picked the embellishments, first, before the papers, by the way. Much easier to coordinate that way! Then came the patterned paper, and, then, just as paint should be picked last because there are a thousand colours of paint, the cardstock.

I had been dreading this. All year. That's partly the reason the pictures are so lousy. I wasn't trying. Last year, I kept track of my hours--and I think it took me about 40. (I used a kit--never again!) This year, I bet it's taken only half that--or less.

Now, I need to eat (and more than the cookies we baked yesterday, too!) and get dressed!

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scb said...


And I think it looks great -- and wow, the kids are growing! (Yes, I know, that's their job.)

Merry Christmas!!

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