Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Post Christmas Cleaning Blitz

There have been many years when this day has been painful.

Many years in which the love expressed in giving and receiving has been twisted by the pain of debt and compulsiveness. For many years, my mother suffered from bouts of compulsive shopping. Her love language is "gift giving." As you can imagine, Christmas was a perfect storm.

But not this year.

She gave us three gifts as "jokes" from Santa's Sack which my nephew handed out:

Then, after dinner, she gave us one major gift each. Every single one was received with happiness and gratitude.

This was my gift:

Two sets of our "wedding" silverware. We only had four. At Thanksgiving this year, Mom noticed and asked me why there was kitchen silverware on the table along with the fancy stuff. Somehow, we'd just forgotten to complete it.

Daedalus (my husband, not his real name) and I also made an effort to keep the gifts to a minimum.

So, today, I went about cleaning up and putting things away with a much lighter heart than I have in the past. I woke up with the intention of putting the house "back to rights" and it has taken me just about all day. But it was a great day.

Daily Checklist:

weigh myself: yes

make bed: yes

wash breakfast dishes: yes, and lunch too.

Pick up House: Are you ready?


Dining Room:

Front Hall:

and the Living Room:

Swish and swipe: Down, yes. Up, no.

Laundry: Started 2, Transferred 2, Folded 3, Put Away 2.

folding on the cleared Dining Table so I can listen to more of Great Expectations.

Make To Do List: no.

Do One Essential Task: wash and put away cutlery. yes! (above).

There is one thing I got too much of, however.

If, of course, it is possible to get too much chocolate.


scb said...

I am so happy for you that this Christmas was a joy. What a wonderful feeling of relief and peace you must have!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

You are such an inspiration in the way you continue to strive to have the life you want, in spite of set-backs and obstacles. All the best to you for continued progress in 2012! It's a pleasure to follow your journey!

onshore said...

That is a very beautiful silverware. How many would you consider to be a full set? Is it six? A good present from your mom.

I've had so many people over that I've had to keep the place looking neat all the time, so I don't have any major clean up to do. But you've done amazing work once again.

Alana in Canada said...

A full set for us would be eight--that way we'll have enough to go with each of the place settings of our good China.But six is good for now--that's the whole table at Family gatherings.

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