Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 8.1 Little Things

One of the things I love about the Cure is all the little things I finally get around to doing. Oh sure, installing taps and painting rooms and furniture might not get done without it, but neither do all those little annoying things that need to be done which seem to get neglected in the day-to-day operation of life. They bring a sense of satisfaction all out of proportion to the amount of effort required.
In the cure Fall 06, I replaced the broken dimmer switch in the dining room. It had a huge impact on my day to day life. No longer did I have to search for a pencil to shove in the hole to turn out the light.

This cure, I

(1) threw out my old "toast" sized plates and replaced them with a matching set. It's easier not because they match: but because stacking them back into the cupboard is no longer a mensa test in spatial organization.

2) Replaced five black and white dinner plates with five in blue willow China. OK, this one was purely for pleasure.

3) This one is a test: can you see the difference between these two pictures?

This one will actually make a difference to my marriage. No longer will I have to nag my husband to turn out the light. It used to shine right at my eyes sitting at the table and I hated it. I've known about this lampshade for about a year. In fact, I even have another one in the hallway upstairs. I'm a grown woman--why do I need permission from some author/web guy in New York to get rid of the glare? Of course, it did cost $24.95.

4) hung the matching drapery panel in the living room. (I don't seem to have a picture. I'll remedy that!)

5) installed knobs on the cabinet in the front entry way.

6) put a pull-thingy back on the pull cord on the overhead fan.

7) replaced the thin, mean hooks on the back of the door to our bedroom with thick, beefy ones.

This will save my sleeping T-shirts.

So, as we trundle through this last week, I strongly encourage you to look after the "little things." You might change your life (or at least save that favourite T-Shirt)!

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smallcitybeth said...

Okay, I admit I had to look a couple of times before I "got" the difference in the pictures. I need to work on my observation skills. A new light-shade! I like it! Yay for getting rid of glare! (And for all the little things-on-the-irk-list that you dealt with -- good for you!)

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