Tuesday, October 23, 2007

7.3(b) A Nightmare...of course!

Just a short note to say, the husband and I have purchased our new faucet for the kitchen sink and it is absolutely beautiful. (It's shiny chrome, by the way, not brushed as this photo may lead you to believe.)
Installing it may be an absolute nightmare.

We have copper pipes with no shut-off valves. You'd think someone could have put them in before we took up residence, but no, of course not. And that means we'll have to do it ourselves. We're not sure we can without getting into sodering. But that's not going to be the nightmare. No, the nightmare will be getting the old faucet set removed.

The pipes are connected to the taps about two-three inches underneath--yep, right behind the sink. That means removing the sink. I haven't told the husband yet about this latest development.


smallcitybeth said...

Ack! Good luck!!

sarah said...

that is a very nice looking faucet. good luck with the installation. i haven't tried that yet.

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