Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 7.4 Update on Kitchen Chairs

(Can you tell I just got a new batch of pictures developed?)

Here, at long last are the kitchen chairs.
I started with this:

Clearly something had to be done. Remember all the paint cans I dragged out of the cupboard? They were all pastels. Like this yellow one:

The consensus was they all needed to be stronger in colour. And so they are. I present to you, four chairs, newly painted:

All colours, Benjamin Moore.
The red: Raspberry Truffle (2080-10) (Yes, paint left over from the red dining room. It's nice to have a bit of it around).
The blue: Buckland Blue (HC-151)
The green: Jalepeno Pepper (2147-30)
The orange: Pumpkin Cream (2168-20)

And, here they are in action (with the dining room table now in the kitchen).

(That's Chicken Pot Pie and Cabbage Salad for supper. We are so bourgeois!)


Mella DelPantano said...

Woo, those are great! Fun!

drwende said...

Very cute!

(And as far as bourgeois, I figure the Kitchenees who chatter about whipping up scallops with organic baby vegetables on a bed of homemade pasta, in white wine sauce with chopped homegrown basil -- without taking the slightest bit more time and effort than is needed to open a package of Bird's Eye -- are eating out at least four nights in seven.)

smallcitybeth said...

The chairs are great! And I notice that except for Buckland Blue, the colors all have to do with food. Very apropos. (And we went out for dinner last night, for Mum and Dad's 53rd anniversary, and the restaurant has changed, made itself more "upscale", and the halibut steak -- Dad's treat of choice -- was not nearly as good as it used to be. Smaller, and I don't think he favored the lemon-peppercorn sauce.) Chicken pot pie and cabbage salad is more my style... (brings her own chair and sits down at the end of the table, smiling expectantly...)

Mella DelPantano said...

Off topic - Is "cabbage salad" something in particular, or is it just a salad that happens to contain cabbage? I guess I mean, is it Canadian for cole slaw or something? Or some mystical recipe we aren't allowed to have down here?

Alana in Canada said...

mea culpa. Cabagge salad is coleslaw.

Do people really talk like that Wende? Shudder.

(I did, however make the buscuit topping from scratch. (But I didn't grind the flour. Nor did I use a "heritage flour."). We only use Bisquick when we go camping!)

SCB--And I'm sorry your father's halibut steak didn't work out. I don't like it when places change like that. I'll like it even less on my 53rd wedding anniversary!

zooza said...

Cute! They turned out so well - I love the colours you chose. And your supper looks very tempting, too. (I was fine with the cabbage salad reference, but I'm going to have to go and look up 'chicken pot pie' - it sounds good and I want to make one!).

sarah said...

those look great!! very fun colors.

Kim said...

Hi! Your chairs look great!

Did you use a small paint brush to do them also did you sand them down first or just paint them? I am about to paint mine and don't know how...


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