Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 6.5 (b) Boom Dada Boom

Holes in walls are drilled. I've got the brackets up and the supports banged into place. The shelves are marked for cutting. Why no exclamation points? Well, I screwed up my measurements somehow, so I'm not going to realise the effect I was after. And, to me, as a result, it looks a bit "off." I don't suppose anyone will notice. But I'll always know.

The next step is to cut the shelves and paint them. And although the pine looks nice with my new wall colour, they're only a "walk-on" part and so Need To Be Quieted. (See Wende's metaphor in the SF week six thread).

Actually, Wende's metaphor is too good not to share, so here it is without her permission:
Decorating is like directing a play: you don't want the supporting players upstaging the billed stars, as that not only cheeses off the divas but also disrupts the balance of the action and the intended message. So if the shelving is intended to be a walk-on and something else (say, the dining table) is supposed to have its name in lights, then looking like every other Expedit is desirable. The action was never intended to develop a fully rounded character for the shelving.

Thank you Wende.

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smallcitybeth said...

It's disappointing when things turn out differently to the way we'd envisioned -- even if they look just fine to everyone else. I hope that when you get everything up and in place that it will be good and lovely, and something you can embrace with joy, despite differing a bit from the dream.

(And I just love that image that Wende conjured...)

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