Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 6.2 Getting Used to It....

I unpacked more boxes and set up the newly re-painted old Ikea Billy today. You cannot imagine how fresh and clean and open the room feels. It's amazing. Of course, I don't have the desk monstrosity (and the accompanying wall shelves) up yet: that could be contributing. And, of course, there is no table.

We went to Ikea this evening, chiefly so I could get new curtain rod supports (I had had a double one up, but I gave my second rod and red toile curtains to my mother for her place this summer) and take a look at some curtains I'd seen on-line. They were very disappointing.

Oh for heaven's sake, I just realised I saw these:
But what I wanted to look at were these:

A curer in SF bought these for her son's room while she was decking it out for the Blik contest. Well, that's what comes of not going on-line and double checking!
I almost bought these:

I really like them. They remind me of bark cloth patterns from long ago. But they are $100.00. They would coordinate beautifully with the current mish-mash of red and green boxes I have on the Expedit (which scared me, I don't want the dining room to look like a catalogue shoot for Ikea!) They're also rod pocket style and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get them all the way off the glass when they opened. (Very important.) And so, I left them, even though I had the frugal husband with me and he liked them enough to pay what they cost.

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately too. I've bought six clocks (all of which have to be returned because they tick too loud), three lampshades (wrong sizes, colour), new pillow covers (but they are too white), a new round lamp, and other bits and pieces to help things look new. It does feel like I'm returning more to the store than I'm actually keeping, but that's OK.

I also unloaded about two, maybe three feet of magazines. I barely looked at them. I couldn't. I mean I haven't since the Cure last year, so out they went. I made the mistake of glancing at the contents of one box as it went over the side of the recycling bin and those glossy covers seemed to cry and whimper for me. (I checked the date of one at random: 2003.) The second box I unloaded upside down so all I saw were the backs. No siren song there. Then I unloaded a large box of empty paint and varnish cans. What a relief to just have it done. Usually stuff languishes in the basement until someone "gets around" to taking them into the Eco centre.

So, I'm still hunting for curtains--and for the instructions how to assemble the little round table. The last piece got it's third coat of varnish today and other than touching up the painted base, it's done.

As for the bathroom and related cure tasks...I need to get to those soon. (And take some pics and finish the roll. And hook up the scanner to scan them in to post. Soon.)


smallcitybeth said...

You know those curtains you nearly bought despite the price? The green leaves with a touch of red? They're the ones I was eyeing (online) as a possibility for my living room -- except we don't have Ikea anywhere near and also except I think a solid color would work better. But anyway, great minds think alike!

I can hardly wait to see your new room!!!!!!! (There's a bunch of people on AT SF that are eager to bits, too. You probably saw that I mentioned the "finish the film, get it developed, scan the pics" problem that you and I both have.

Yay for you!!!

Anne said...

Aah! You have returned SIX clocks because they tick too loud? All I ever wanted was a nice little ticky clock for my office but I can never find one! Where are you getting these clocks?!

Alana in Canada said...

Last cure, Marm suggested I put up some clocks above the map to tell time in different time zones. http://www.flickr.com/photos/46773919@N00/276932223/in/set-72157594399969850/

So, I'm actually buying three of the same at the same time. One set came from Canadian Tire, another from Ikea last night. A good source I'm going to check here is Sears. Superstore (Zehrs? in the East) may also have some. Walmart is another source if you shop there.
But I understand your frustration. I've been on the look-out for these things for a year and it's been a bit dissappionting to finally find some and then find out they're as cheap as I paid for them. (I don't really want to spend more than $5 per clock).

Beth--yes, I saw that. Thank you. I'm going to find a way to shhot off the roll today and try to get them developed tonight. So, tomorrow, I'd think, at the earliest. (There is the small problem of hooking up the scanner too.)

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