Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day 4.3: Hard and Soft: 50/50

Oooh--isn't this exciting?
(Actually, I don't get it at all.)

Living room:
Soft: sofa, blanket, cushions, chair cushion, vinyl on piano bench, drapes, tapestry on walls, lampshades, books.
Hard: TV, piano, bookcases, fireplace, totchkes, TV stand and shelf, bench, coffee table. Proposed: small drop leaf table with chairs. (ooh, more hard stuff.)
Ways to add softness: Upholstered storage cube ottomans to replace coffee table trunk. Curtains for small windows on fireplace wall. A rug would be nice, but not til the kids leave for University.

Dining room/Office:Soft: table cloth (usually absent), curtains, books.
Hard: bookcases, China cabinet, table and chairs, computer desk.
Ways to add softness: cushions for chairs, or drape chairs in fabric. Add fabric panels to China Cabinet? (It's really too stuffed for "display")

Soft: curtains, dish towel, hand towel, table cloth, curtain under sink cabinet.
Hard: Shelving and glass jars, cabinets, fridge, stove, tables and chairs.
I am actually quite happy with this room.

Downstairs bathroom:
Soft: towels, curtain on window, shower cutain.
Hard: fixtures, shelving, mirror
This room is so small, it's actually, probably a bit overwhelmed by "soft." But I like it, hole (still) in the wall and all.

Stairwell and entry.Soft: um, none. Oh, nasty carpet at front door, I guess.
Hard: dresser, cabinet, mirror, bookcases.
Ways to add softness: I really should get a curtain for the one tiny window on the landing (see above).

Upstairs bathroom:Soft: um, the towel?
Hard: Fixtures, shelving
Ways to add softness: Again, this needs a curtain, but it has a casement window and I can't afford casement window hardware (let alone find it). I did have a rod on large cuphooks, but one of the cup hooks snapped off and now it's still sort of stuck in there.

Master Bedroom:Soft: bedding, curtains and shade, loveseat, scarf on dresser, lampshades.
Hard: dressers, side tables, chair, mirror, bookcases.
Ways to add softness: Upholstered headboard. And I would dearly love a rug in this room.

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Anne said...

How old are your kids? I remember growing up with hardwood floors and Persian-y looking rugs (and I was the youngest of 4 so they survived a lot of us!) and my parents had no problems with them. Patterns hide stains and we just plain weren't allowed food in most of the house so it didn't matter. I think they've had one of those rugs since before I was born! I'm just sayin' if you pick the right rug and train your kids you should be able to enjoy it with them. The grandkids come for Xmas and terrorize the house and those rugs still survive... what kind of rugs do you like? If you get something well-made it should be just fine.

Anne (in Reno)

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