Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 7.6 The Bedroom

Have you ever seen my bedroom?

It's a large room. And I won't give it up until the day comes when I can't climb the stairs anymore. (There's a bedroom on the main floor). The husband has suggested once or twice that we move into the room downstairs and "let the kids have the upstairs." Um. No.

Coming in the door and looking left there is this. These are the doors (and trim) I'm dying to paint. It's just too much reddish-brown! This is the dresser in its white incarnation (sitting with two coats of primer for four or more years) before the "barn board" fiasco.

I hate that fan, too. The kids hung things on it to watch them fling across the room. Fan blades aren't supposed to tilt down like that! I love my "cow" blanket, though. I got that at some BIG country store (with a restaurant attached) off the Interstate somewhere below Ohio and before Louisiana on a road trip to New Orleans many years ago.

I bought a nice teal blanket from Ikea today. I've yet to see if it'll work with the toile.


I've had that loveseat since forever. It served as my couch in not a few apartments I've had! I will be recovering it and using the toile.

 I have to laugh when I see that laundry hamper. I thought I was doing a Good Thing by recovering it in Mac-tac blue and white stripes and a Martha Stewart napkin on top (I even had coordinating lampshades covered in that napkin at one point). Now, it just seems Loud and Obnoxious.

Today I bought plain white mac-tac to re-cover it. The short little curtains have since been replaced as well. (See the snow out the window? Brrr. That'll be next week folks. We had a light dusting of it this morning.)

The bed. You've seen it before, but this is a recent picture.
I went out and bought the Ikea cover after staring at my uncovered white duvet for most of the winter. I wanted something cheery. I had grand plans of hanging brown curtains from the ceiling, down the slope and behind the bed. I was going to use the Deca system from Ikea until I found out it really doesn't like a lot of weight. I was beginning to think the brown would be a bit oppressive anyway, so I scraped that idea. Now, I just have this Loud Orange bed cover that doesn't go with a thing (except all that wood, maybe? Shudder).

Here are my bookshelves, in the bedroom, right behind the door. There's a bit more space there, as per the magazine purge of last week, but there could be more.
(That wall is the entire width of the powder room--about three feet!)
And there you have it. The Grand Bedroom tour. As it has been for many years. Plans include:

Starting with the bed:1) A headboard.
2) New lampshades
3) Lifting my husband's night table so it is the same height as mine.
4) I'm not sure about painting them or not. I'm afraid it'll be just Too Much White.
5) Painting the sloped ceiling and a bit of the side walls in a nice darkish blue to emphasize the alcove. We'll see about that when we get the wall-to-wall headboard constructed.
6) I need a tailored bedskirt or something. Right now I have a nasty ruffled white bed-skirt. It's so cheap, you can even see boxspring underneath if you look closely.
7) A new cover for the duvet and fabulous toile pillows.

The shelves:Not much, really. Just general weeding. I could free up some space in the linen closet and keep our bedding in a basket or something here. That might be cool.

The loveseat:Ahh, now for this, I have plans. I want to use material from a canvas drop cloth to cover the back, sides and bottom. The cushions will be made from the toile and a coordinating solid. Sort of half and half, like this:
This is from The Haymarket Hotel....same designer as Covent Gardens. Clever Woman.
Oh, I haven't shown you the toile. (I scanned in a piece of it just for you. This is about 9" x 11.75") :
I would put it where the darkish fabric is now on those chairs and put a solid cream (that background is cream/off white) below. I was thinking of doing the bottom cushions the same way. There'd be a striped effect with the solids meeting one another in the middle but I can break that up with a pillow or two. (I like to read with one on my lap and rest the book on it.)

The Curtains.
These, have, fortunately, been changed. I just don't have a decent picture. I've got a woven wood blind which both the husband and I love and white curtains beside them. That reminds me, they need to be re-hemmed.
Time-line for all of this?
Well, winters are long.....


sarah said...

your bedroom is huge!!

if painting your room a color is on the list (now or in the future). i think painting the side tables white could work.

i love ikea duvet bedroom is a neutral taupe so that i can switch them out every time i change my sheets. almost like a make over. i will post some pics next week.

smallcitybeth said...

I love the idea of painting so that the alcove stands out more -- I just love sloped ceilings, they add so much character. (I should post a pic of my favorite bedroom, at least for architecture, that I've ever had.)

This is going to be wonderful -- like you have said before, the bedroom tends to get shuffled to the side because it "doesn't show", but you (and your husband) are worth it! It'll be great to see pics when you've transformed it! (Are you going to continue blogging after the Cure? she asked hopefully...)

drwende said...

I see why you love your bedroom! You must-must-must continue blogging as you work on these projects.

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