Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 6.5: White it Shall Be...

Time to give up perfectionism.

I'll do what I can with hot water (and vinegar) to remove what's left of the veneer and I'll paint the dresser white. Shiny White.
Did you all catch the little thing on the Covent Garden Hotel at AT:NY yesterday? I spent hours looking at nearly all the room in all the hotels last night. I love how Kit Kemp has mixed up her fabrics and created such polished, sophisticated, yet light and airy rooms.

This is from the Knightsbridge.

I'm inspired to do the bedroom now. I've had a headboard project in the back of my mind for ages (at least a year). I have to say, though, that I'm a bit tired of doing projects, right now, so I'm not making any promises. But here's the inspiration:

I want to translate that to this space: The top of the left picture frame is about where the eaves start to slope. That little door on the right side of the bed is why I need a wall to wall headboard. The trim sticks right into my back when I read. We need to retain access to it to insulate the eaves (eventually).
I was also browsing fabrics. I have about two yards of a beautiful blue toile I've never used because there isn't enough to really DO anything with it. But the way Kemp uses two pillows on the bed would be perfect for it. The problem, of course, is getting anything to coordinate with it. So, we'll have to see if any of the fabrics below would match. Of these: which do you think would be good for an "across the wall" headboard? (I think I managed to save all these images at the same scale: 8 1/2" x 11")
In case you can't read that text I just spent ten minutes creating, lets number from left to right, top to bottom. My fave is actually #1. (Chestnut Hill Black-eyed Susan Turquoise) But #4 (Manzanita Lily Espresso) may actually coordinate better with all that dratted wood in the room. I'll have to get swatches. Does anyone know where I can order swatches? I didn't see anything like that at Quilter's (But then, I wasn't signed in). However, the Cdn dollar being what it is these days makes it possible to actually order yards and yards of fabric. I'm excited. HOWEVER--if any of these would be too much, tell me! I don't want to screw up.
So, up for the near future: Scrubbing the bathrooms (yuck). Drilling holes. (Oddly reluctant to mess up my pretty walls). Painting 1) the dressers, 2) the desk drawers units and 3) the shelving to go onto the supports.
It's my son's tenth Birthday on Sunday and we're at a Tae Kwon Do event all day tomorrow, so some of this may have to wait until Monday!

Thanks everyone for your marvelous input yesterday! I am extremely grateful.


smallcitybeth said...

I'm liking # 3 the best. Which goes best with the blue toile? I don't suppose you can close your eyes to the wood color... No, I really don't suppose you can.

I really like that headboard, and it would be movable, right? So you'd still have access to the little door?

However, as you said, you're a little tired of projects...

On another topic, I can really understand your reluctance to drill into your pretty walls. Just think of the end result, and go for it...

Mella DelPantano said...

Good call on the white dressers (I didn't bother to comment on that one because everybody else had already said it.)

I also like #3 best, but can see how #4 might work better with what you've got. Also love that whole headboard concept.

Don't worry about taking on more projects...if you do everything now, what will you have left to do for the spring cure?

Alana in Canada said...

Oh, Mella! The list seems to get longer with every cure!

Let's see, for the next one, I'm planning on re-doing the living room. (The fireplace mantel, new curtains, molding on the chimney breast, Painting and patching, etc) And the floors in the bathrooms and the kitchen need replacing. I'd like to tile the tub surround, too.

But I really have to focus next time. The Cure took over my life (not unusual nor unexpected but dissappointing) and I really have to learn how to do more than one thing at a time.

Mark Lipinski said...

OH MY GOSH! I love your blog! Just so nicely done and inspirational! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! xooxm

Mark Lipinski

curing what ails me said...

Beautiful fabrics...I'm another vote for number 3, but I do like them all. Great inspiration photos...those bedrooms are all similar to what I have in mind also. I still haven't covered my $10 headboard yet, but I did find some wonderful art deco/miami beachy looking fabric for $4 a yard that has all my colors in it...chocolate, khaki, light turquoise, citrony green, and a pale golden yellow. I will work on it this is a bold abstract print, and I love it so much I'm afraid to cut it (I have a mini-stash of fabric I love way too much, but thanks to curing it is now fairly small. I do that with stationery it and then love it too much to actually write on it and send it away...I saw some Denyse Schmidt fabric the other day that blew me away, but I resisted the urge, because I knew I would hoard it)

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