Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Quiz.

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Ok, kids. It's time to take out your pencils and take the quiz. Don't they look like they're having fun. Maybe we will too!

Have you noticed? Quizzes and questionnaires are ubiquitous in cleaning, decluttering, and Organize Your Life! books. One can't just read and think. No. One must confess! Maxwell does not disappoint. He includes two. Both such fun.
The first is a style "interview" which is pretty hopeless. Dr. Wende did it here and an excellent job she did of it too. I've done mine, but the meaning of the answers is as clear to me as three coats of black paint.

More useful is the second quiz. The whole Head, Heart, Bones, Breath thing. (Class, turn your book to page 48.)
So, let's sharpen those pencils and away we go!

1. Does your home support everything you want to do?
Well, I don't have a swimming pool. I'd love to do laps every morning from home. And I hate hollering. Maybe we could install an intercom system throughout the house. Nah. That would wreck the walls. OK. Beepers for everyone, then. But that's nuts. The ringing would drive me crazy. (And of course they'd have to be on ringers, no one would find his otherwise!)
It's crowded in here. Noisy. I'd like to be able to listen to music more. I'd like my sewing machine set up. A laundry chute. More quiet.

2. Do you use your home often?
This is one of THOSE New Yorky type questions. Or San Fransisco type where there's decent street life and wonderful food around every corner. Of course I use my home often. Where else would we go? At least I get to score on this one!
3. Is there room for everything you want to do in your home?
This looks suspiciously similar to #1. No. There's no room for a lap pool. Heck, there isn't even room to plug in a lamp where I want to.
4. Is there a good space for what is most important to you?
Oh dear. What's most important to me?
I love to read. I have exactly two places to do that in comfort. Of course, I can't do it in the living room while the kids watch TV and the bedroom is pretty far away.
I teach the kids at home. We do it in the kitchen. And it works in there if I bring in only one subject at a time. It's inconvenient--but there is space for it. (Barely.)
I wonder what my ("I don't have any hobbies" ) husband would say to this one?
Is this a yes or no? I'll give myself 1/2 a point.
5. Do you consider your home beautiful?
No. I'm glad Maxwell made this subjective. I could change this answer and not do a thing to the house. All I need to do is change what it is I consider beautiful. (Or marry a really, really rich guy. I don't think Maxwell had that in mind.)
6. Do you feel you have a sense of style?

Good grief, what kind of question is this? Can I recognize style when I see it? Yes. Do I appreciate it? Oh yes. Do I express it? Am I stylish? Um. No. (Sorry, you can click away now.)
7. Does your clothing express your style?
I have a complete wardrobe suitable for painting in all weather. Does that count?
8. Does your home express your style?
I'm thumping my head on my desk. Does that answer your question?
Moving on.
9. Do you consider your home comfortable?
Did I mention I have two comfy spots to read? Yes. I did. Did I mention that I hardly sit in either spot? You figured that out, didn't you? The bathroom has no heat. But that's OK, it's too small to get dressed in, anyway. Um, OK, this is depressing. Short answer: No.
10. Do you sleep well at night?
Would you sleep well with a seven year old thrasher between you and your husband/partner/significant other/whatever you want to call him or her?
11. Is your apartment organized?

Actually, yes. The house is organized. Now, if folks would just put things back after they use them, it would stay organized!
12. Is it easy to clean and declutter?
It's never easy to clean. I hate cleaning. Always easy to declutter. (I know where the trash bags are. I think.) I have trouble letting go of stuff.
13. Do you consider your home to be in good shape?
I'm thumping my head on the desk. I think I'd rather go wash the tiles peeling off the kitchen floor now.
14. Is everything in good working order?
As a matter of fact, as long as we remember to snake the bathroom sink drain once a month, we're good to go.
15. Do you take care of repairs quickly?
What's quickly?
16. Do you clean your home often?
Everyday. Does it stay clean? (See above). Is it all clean, all at once? I think it was, for about two whole days, back in 2000. That was when my grandmother and my aunt came to visit. Oh, and I guess last year too, when the m-i-l descended upon us for four days. Hmm.
Good grief, it's time for chocolate. Now.

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smallcitybeth said...

After reading your answers to the Head Heart Hands and Health (oops, that's 4-H), well, you know what I mean -- I'm thinking I answered "yes" too quickly on some of the questions in my version of the quiz. Hmmm... I think the truth will come out as I begin doing the deep treatment. I'm glad you didn't do just "yes" or "no", it's helpful to read your answers, and really think about the questions. Thanks.

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