Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 1.5: In Which I Fail to Sit.

I decided to sit in the basement, now that the behemoth freezer is gone. I took a timer with me. The first minute was spent bringing over a chair. I sat down for precisely three minutes. I thought about the fact there's little light and fewer outlets. I saw the sun, streaming down the stairs from the back door. I thought about how that door will have to close and stay closed for about 7 months in a few weeks. And then I saw there were Boxes to Flatten, Things To Put Away, Things to Throw Out, Clothes to take to Consignment, a Six Foot Stack of Artwork to Sort, A Small to Fridge to....what? Throw out? Keep? So, I started flattening boxes and throwing things out.

What does Maxwell say? Clutter is just an unmade decision. Too many decisions to be made down there before I can get a handle on things.


drwende said...

Too many decisions to be made down there before I can get a handle on things.

Determining that actually is getting a handle on things! You now know that you need to do your 27 Thing Fling a few times before you can envision the future of the space.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for the encouragement. One year, all fired up with "Super Fling Fever" I tossed over 700 pounds of stuff.

I swear things in a basement just multiply by themselves.

smallcitybeth said...

Wow. That 700 pounds was a Super Fling and a half. (FlyLady would be so proud...)

Once, long ago, I was exulting that I was moving into a place with a basement, and my aunt said, "You know that things expand to fill the space available, don't you?" It's true. Leave a few things to their own devices in a basement, and they multiple faster than a herd of rabbits.

What Wende said, just do several 27 Fling Boogies, and you'll start to see where you can go with the place.

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