Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 1.4 Boom Dada Boom

(This photo was taken earlier in the summer after a particularily hot day. Yes, I'm dweeb enough to take pictures of my dishes!)

1. The dishes

I have now done ALL the dishes two nights running. That may not seem like a "cure" thing...but when I did the quiz, (below) I realised that I can "fix" a lot of what ails this place with regular housekeeping routines. This is the first one I've decided to tackle and so far, so good. I put them away in the morning while the coffee drips through.

2. A functional laundry room.

I finished varnishing the shelf and (new) table top in the laundry room today and set the laundry room back up. Then, I did three, four, five loads of laundry all the way from washing, to drying, to (gasp) folding them and putting them away! Yay, clean socks and underwear again!

This was actually a project the husband started when we got our new upright freezer. He took down the rope that served as my drying line (the clothes hung right down in the path to the freezer) and we re-strung it. Well, now the clothes on it hung down right over my sorting bins. We figured out that with a little carpentry we could slide those bins under the table beside the washing machine.....(and now, with the books out of boxes and on the newly built shelves on the stairway landing, I had room to remove all the bedding underneath that table) and so the laundry room got a quick overhaul in about a week.

What's wonderful about it, really, is that I'm able to use a screw on, swing arm lamp (usually used for desks) to give me some much needed lighting. I might be able to save some clothes from being permanently stained now. And, I have a home for my huge sweater drying rack. (When in use, it perched on top of the chest freezer.)

3. The old freezer has been hauled away (and the back door re-installed).


zooza said...

You've been working hard. Well done!

drwende said...

Good for you!

(Hey, I've been known to take pictures of the inside of my refrigerator...)

smallcitybeth said...

Well done, Alana! Taking pictures of dishes that are *done* makes sense to me -- records the feeling of accomplishment you have.

Are you familiar with the quotation from Alice in Wonderland, "It's always tea-time, said the Hatter with a sigh, "and we've no time to wash the things between whiles"... I love that quotation!

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