Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 2.2: One Room Remedy

(This is a screen shot--(thanks Wende!)--of a room from The Personal Colour Viewer at Benjamin Moore. The back wall shows the current colour of my living room walls.)

The Dining room colours have been chosen! That means I can move ahead on all that needs to be done in here.


--Take out everything except the computer table and computer. Get a large drop cloth for it. Get drop cloths for the floors.
--take out all wall mounted shelving. Spackle and sand.
--Prime walls
--decide new trim colour.
--paint trim

--Sand and paint old Ikea bookcase white. Use the cloud white we have on hand. (Strain through hose first).

--Sand the four new chairs.
--Paint them yellow.
--Pick a yellow for the chairs.

Dining table
--Look for a round one or:
--Sand pine dining table.
--Paint dining table? or stain it dark?

West wall:
--Take down the shelving and shelving units. Paint or varnish or "adorn" wooden magazine holders.
--Assemble Expedit after painting.
--Put stuff back on shelves.

South wall:
--Paint shelving white? (Supports are almond) or leave natural or switch out all the supports?

Computer desk:
--Paint side units white or brown to blend in with computer desk?
--Sand and stain/paint tops to blend with computer desk.
--Re-cover drawers.

Shelving above desk:

--Make decisions:
1. The supports are almond. Should I switch them out for white? Almond will blend in with the wall--is that what I want?
2. Do I want to keep the pine: or go white? White will be cleaner, fresher. The pine plus dark stained wood of the desk on this wall is choppy. But the white with almond supports and brackets concerns me.
3. Can I hang actual cabinets on the wall and thus create a cleaner line? How much would that cost?

Buy new curtains. (Yay!)

Yeegads, the amount of stuff in here that has to be taken out and stored somehow while we paint is mind-boggling.


smallcitybeth said...

The phrase "you've got your work cut out for you" comes to mind...

I love the colors in that screen shot. Good choice.

You might want to choose the shade of yellow for the chairs before you actually paint them... ;-) (look at the order you have those steps in. and you know I'm teasing you, right???)

Wish I could give you my round table (although then I wouldn't have a table, would I?) but I think it would be too small for the 4 of you, really. You'd have to serve up the plates in the kitchen, because with four place settings on the table, there wouldn't be a whole lotta room for food, even though it's billed as a table for four. (My cousin, on the other hand, has a large round table...)

Have fun!!!

Alana in Canada said...

We eat on a table in the kitchen that is so small, I can buy one 60x84" table cloth, cut it in half and have enough for two cloths plus a skinny runner. Last night I served five with the food in serving bowls.

Ideally, though, I would like a round table with a leaf.

Thanks for the sympathy. I'm going very slowly for someone with so much work to do.

CQ in DC said...

love love love the colors in the screenshot! you do have a lot on that list, but at elast you ahve a list- setting it all out is at least half the battle in my opinion. As for the shelf supports/colors question, is there a picture of them on flickr? Maybe link to it here so we can take a look and opine!

curing what ails me said...

Congratulations are in order for all the great choices you've made....for me the decision-making is more than half the battle.

The colors are really beautiful and calming...

Do you have Craig's list or Freecycle there? You never know, if you open your eyes, a great table might just come your way and not eat into your the meantime, I don't think I'd spend a lot of time on the dining table you have if it is not the one you want to about a couple of pretty table cloths to alternate until you find your perfect round table?

curing what ails me said...

btw, i think once you paint the walls, those shelving supports won't show at all, but the shelves themselves would probably look better painted in your trim color or covered in a coordinating wallpaper or fabric.

I admire you so much for attempting to do it all while homeschooling. Do you wait until the children are in bed? By the time my four--ages 8,6,5 & 3--are in bed, i feel like jelly. (and i'm not even homeschooling, though i do have aspirations)

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