Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 1.1 The Only Time I Think 1200 sq feet Is A LOT of Feet....

(image from

is when I have to wash the floors.....

In the Deep Treatment this week:

1) Note repairs (and solutions).
2) Vacuum and mop floors.
3) Remove one item.
4) Buy fresh flowers.
5) Sit for 10 minutes in a spot you never do.
6) Look into Earth friendly cleaning products.

My plan:

1) Prioritize repairs.
2) Floors, as follows:
  • Mon--Stairwell. (Well, we know what that's led to!)
  • Tues--Kitchen
  • Wed--Living Room
  • Thurs--Dining Room
  • Fri--Bathrooms
  • Sat--Bedrooms.
3) The defunct freezer is leaving Wednesday! The handy husband has chopped up a box-spring that's been sitting outside for about two years and will slowly feed it to a neighbourhood dumpster.
4) Fresh flowers--on grocery day (Sat).
5) Sit 10 minutes
6) I'm OK with what I have and use.
This may be a bit of a challenge as I have got a nasty cold.


smallcitybeth said...

I just posted that I'm glad I have small floors -- and when I think about all the floors you have to do, I'm doubly glad.

Sorry to hear you have a cold -- please take care of yourself!

smallcitybeth said...

I don't know why my comment got swallowed into the post title, but all it says is "I just posted that I'm glad I have small floors, and when I think about all the floors you have to do, I'm doubly glad".

drwende said...

Sitting 10 minutes is an excellent thing for someone with a nasty cold to do -- I'd recommend doing it while some other resident washes the floors.

Having pretty much failed at keeping almost 1200 sq ft of floors clean in the last apartment, I feel for you!

sarah said...

i agree with you about 1200 sq ft. i have just over 1000, but with all the junk that i have to get off the floor it is a big task. i wish i had thought of breaking out per day like you... i wasn't so smart. i will be tearing through the whole house tomorrow. aaahhh.

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