Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 2.6: Update

I lasted as long as I could. I did get another hour of sleep after getting up, and I kept telling myself to "slow down" as I raced against the timer. Usually the adrenaline is good for me. Today it burned me out. Still, I did make some headway and things are much more manageable. As soon as my dear son gets his bionicles off the bed, I'll be able to make it and tick that off the list.

I hope to get a good night sleep and go back at it in the same fashion tomorrow. The kitchen takes priority.

PS: Roast chicken makes a great meal on a day like this.


drwende said...

You did tremendously!

I'm going to follow your example and do the 15-minute thing today on unpacking and household chores. The husband has to handle the old place, as it's all l-i-f-t-i-n-g. And hauling. And hefting.

Just don't make yourself sicker!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Muchly needed. And it'll be great to have company, today.
No, I won't get sicker. I promise to go more slowly today and take my breaks. I might even have a long soak in a hot tub as my reward this evening!

I hope your husband doesn't put his back out.

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