Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 2.2 Climbing the walls.

This is pretty much the way it looks now.

The plans are to paint this wall an almond colour (BM French Vanilla CC 248) and paint the pine shelving white. See those green boxes over there? That's where the new expedit is going, right in front of the wall to be painted blue. (BM West Coast CC 750).

The question is this: should I keep the brackets their current almond colour or--use white ones? This is no small question. Though I'm pretty sure I can scrounge most of what I need from my Mom if I go white, I will probably have to lay out a bit of cash.

I've drawn an elevation of this wall:

Here, I tried to line up the width of the bottom units with the brackets up top.
Here's a close up of the shelving:

(no, it's not your imagination, there are differences)

PLUS to Almond:
1. the brackets (not all that attractive) will blend into the walls. The shelves will appear to be attempting to "float." (They really need to be thicker to successfully pull off that look--and I just don't physically have the space for doing that.)
2. I have purchased all six supports and all 22 brackets.

PLUS to White:
1. It will make the shelves and the supports all one unit. The attempt at a "grid" will be more noticeable.
2. It will make this unit congruent with the 6'x6' Expedit going up on the adjacent wall. Greater unity means greater calm, I think, in this case.



Anne said...

I'd try it with leaving them almond first, if it was me, I feel like they'll blend in to the wall and you won't notice them so you won't worry about a grid, also they will disappear even more if you fill the shelving with stuff. I feel like painting them white is like trying to emphasize a feature that's not really attractive just so it will match. I'd rather just not emphasize it at all. But that's just me. Also, less work ;)

Anne (in Reno)

zooza said...

I agree with everything Anne said. Almond sounds good to me and I don't think you will notice once all the books and stuff are on the shelves.

But, as a Plan B, perhaps you could spray the existing brackets white rather than replace them?

curing what ails me said...

I add my agreement to Anne and Zooza...leave the brackets almond colored and see what you think. Spend that money on something else that has more impact on the room (like your dream table?)

P.S. I'm so impressed with your draftsman skills.

sarah said...

i think the vertical pieces should be almond. the brackets that hold the shelf may need to be white, but i would install to see what looks best. not sure how the almond bracket will look holding the white shelf. if there is enough contrast is could look awesome. i have the bm fan deck at work, and will look at your colors! i agree with curing, your drawings look great.

drwende said...

Another vote for leaving the brackets almond for the time being. CWAE is right that you can always spray paint them later if you want to.

I'm not sure the "grid" of very industrial supports goes with your overall aesthetic, so you may be better off not emphasizing it.

CQ in DC said...

I'm joing the pack of "leave them almond for now" as well. You can always spray paint white later if you hate them, but I bet they will blend right into the wall.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you so much ladies!
What a relief. I actually had to hunt to find the other almond brackets I needed. So I'm glad there's a consensus that they'll be OK.

And thanks for the compliments on the drawings. There's nothing grid paper, a rular, a pencil and a good gum eraser can't do!

phillippa_j said...

I've arrived late, but I was going to chime in with everyone else anyway - try almond first and see how it looks.

I love the colours you've chosen for the room - it seems like it's going to be such a peaceful space.

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