Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 2.1 Kitchen Week

To Do This Week:

Deep Treatment

1. Fix one thing in your apartment yourself.
--I think, if I can swing it, we will install a new faucet set for the kitchen sink. Don't know what's involved, really, and the frugal husband is reluctant to spend the money, but it sure would be nice (see above).

2. Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food.
--This will occupy most of my time this week.

I got a jump-start on it before the cure and washed out my two lower cabinets and rearranged two shelves in the upper cabinets. While doing that, I got rid of a bunch of mis-matched plates we use for toast--not because they were mismatched per se--but because being mis-matched they had to be stacked in a precise and orderly way to fit in their designated spot in the cupboard. Much too fussy. So, they're gone and eight "new" matching toast sized plates reside in their place.

Sunday--fridge, declutter cart beside the stove, wash it down. Whoo hoo, done.
Monday--clean out oven
Tuesday--wash shelves above stove, touch-up painting on chairs?
Wednesday--clean trash can and ouside of cabinets
Thursday--wash ceiling
Friday--bleach countertop and wash floor
Saturday--day off/catch-up day
Sunday--put up new shelving beside sink? Install new faucet?

3. Buy a water filter and use it.
--did that years ago.

4. Run hands over every room in the apartment.
--no. Too many rooms. Too many walls.

5. Clear your space for an Outbox.
--This is interesting. I have a space underneath my folding table in the basement where I put things to go "out." It definitely needs to be cleared out.

6. Clear one surface and use the Outbox.
--This will be a challenge.

7. Buy fresh flowers.

8. Determine your style.
--good grief, not this again.

9. Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.
--I'll probably cook at least five meals at home, as usual. Perhaps I'll try a "new" recipe.

10. Choose the date for your housewarming.
--In spite of having attended the same Church for three years, in spite of socializing sporadically with other homeschoolers for two, I don't know one person, sorry, one family, we could invite over. I love to entertain. This makes me sad.

One Room Remedy.

I must pick out and finalize the colour(s) for the dining room/home office/school room/craft room/sewing room this week.


1. Keep plugging away at the little round table, staining and varnishing. (Or waxing. I think I may like the look of a well-waxed table instead of one all shiny and plastic looking).

2. Hem living room drapes.

3. Switch over summer and winter clothing and bedding.


smallcitybeth said...

Wow. that's quite a list. (I've just been playing "one room remedy" over on my blog...guess I need a list for this week. Guess I need to get up from the computer and *do* something!)
Hmmm... the toast plates are toast. Appropriate.
I'll come to your party! Ask me, ask me! (wish I could. wish you could come to mine, too!)

Mella DelPantano said...

Too bad we can't have a virtual party on here (well, I guess technically we could, but it wouldn't be quite the same). I haven't been here long enough to know hardly anyone besides my coworkers, and I'm not quite brave enough to invite near strangers to a, I hear you on that front.

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