Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Style Cure 2014: Day 19

As I've mentioned before, I m doing Apartment Therapy's Style Cure at my own pace (No American Thanksgiving deadline, thank goodness!). That means I am jumping around and doing things out of order. But not yesterday.

Yesterday, Day 19, our instructions were to "Dress up our space and adjust the lighting." Well, I'll save the dressing up part --best done after I paint (which the Cure scheduled for last weekend)--but I did "adjust the lighting."

On the weekend, you may remember I posted this horrendous attempt:

The $5 Nymo shade from Ikea was just too big and too loud--it just didn't play nicely with my vintage ceiling fixture--likely original to the house.

So art deco! I love it.

On Monday, I ran off to Home Depot (always awkward running into your place of employment on your day off) and looked at all kinds of shades. I found this one over in the vanity bathroom lighting section. I'd taken the IKea socket/cord with me to make sure I got something that fit.

You can see the corner sort of relates to my original fixture.

I like it.

I can't wait to paint so I can tidy up that cord.


Second cord set (I bought white) Ikea: $8.99
Shade (Home Depot): $7.96
Small appliance bulb (Home Depot): (2 in the package) $3.98
Total Cost: $20,93


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This shade is nice! Goes great with your existing fixture.

Anonymous said...

That is very nice. Amazing how much sizing matters on lights. I had never really paid attention before. You are doing great!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Lorraine. I was quite lucky to find it--and so inexpensively!

Thanks, Gina. I find size so deceptive! Things in the stores often look smaller than they really are!

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