Saturday, November 1, 2014

ORC Diary: More Paint.

Day 5.3

I decided I need to paint the back of my bookcases a colour closer to the rug.
So last minute.

 I loved making this colour and painting it back when we had the vibrant teal rug. The colour just feels too loud for this room now, though.

So, this morning, I wake up early and get the backs off the Billys and crack open the paint I bought yesterday.

By 7am, I'm done. One coat coverage. Marquee by Behr--and even though I tell customers about it everyday, I am still surprised. And so happy. I leave for work.

After work, I come home, eat supper and by 7pm, we have this:

Ta Da!

So pleased I decided to do this.
And it was too easy.

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