Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ORC Diary: Photo Day Eve.

Day 5.6

(I think my numbering is off.)

Three things.

1) I am so excited. Today, the living room goes from looking like a bag lady stayed the night to an actual bona fide living room. The carpet goes down, and the slipcover goes on today, too. For the first time in six weeks, I'll get a feel for the finished room. I get to play with all the things I bought yesterday, too.

2) My house--my whole house is an utter disaster. Other ORC folks have mentioned it, too, so I know I'm not alone. But it's so bad, I am almost at the point where I want to tackle the mess more than set up the living room. I'm thinking that over the next to days, surely I will be able to do both?

3) This is hard to express. I have a hard time with tchotchkes. Ever since The Nester's accessory challenge in the summer of 2013, I've felt somewhat virtuous living in a pared down, minimal environment. But I have missed having pretty things. So, I have bought a few and I've tried to keep it all to things which relate to us in some way.

Busy, busy day.

**note: I wrote this this morning and then forgot to post!

The house is still a disaster, I've made 90% of my styling decisions, but I still have a project for my husband to do (and then I need to paint it), my mom is sewinga last minute pillow cover, and I have yet another painting job and the drapes yet to hem. Oh and a run to Target!

It is going to be a busy, busy night.

For obvious reasons, there won't be a diary post tomorrow.


MMarie said...

Looking forward to your reveal!!! Love that your husband and mom are totally in this too! (One of my favorite quotes is "People tend to support what they help to create")

Alana in Canada said...

That is encouraging, thanks MMarie!

Carol-Anne said...

Can't wait to see the progress!

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