Monday, November 3, 2014

ORC Diary: Stylin' Shopping

Day 5.5

I have the day off, though I was scheduled to work, because my right arm is giving me grief.

I start the day with a little priming and staining.

At about two o'clock, I leave with a small list in hand: I am on the hunt for a lamp, a shade, pillows, a throw, a tray, picture frames, you know, all the things that give the room that well pulled together look.

Except nothing is pulled together. I have two kinds of wood: bleached grey and cognac. For colours, I have two shades of barely there blue-green and black and white. For metallics--should I gogold--or silver? I can glam things up--or go organic. Target has a lampshade with leaves picked out in gold--organic and glam!

I decide: I am not making any decisions in the store. I will buy both kinds of wood, all the colours, faux animal fur of every kind--I even bought some plain flannel sheets thinking they'd make a cool blanket. I bought shiny things and rough pottery things and tall things and short things.... I went completely nuts and turned off my inner no.

I got home at nine thirty. Seven and a half hours of shopping. I spent a fortune--and you can bet more than half of this is going back. But it will be fun to play!


Sarah said...

This is great! There's a reason stylists do it this way :)
Can't wait to see everything wrapped up. You're doing amazing work!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks sarah--I am seriously questioning my sanity right about now!

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