Friday, November 7, 2014

Style Cure 2014: Day 12 (Already?)

I am so tired from all the early morning and late nights of the ORC for the reveal this week, I can barely see straight.

However, The 2014 Fall Style Cure waits for no woman to catch up on her sleep. It marches ever forward.

Days 1-4 here.

Day 5: Focus on a floor plan.

I love floor plans and I would do this if it was possible to change anything. But it isn't, so it's kind of a waste of time, at the moment.

Day 6: Increase Colour Confidence in five minutes.

Been there, done that.

Day 7: Do a clean sweep and pick up paint chips.

I have paint chips. In fact, I've even decided on the colour I think I want to paint the walls. It's Ralph Lauren's Elgin Gray (RL 4343). I've been waiting for testers to show up at The Home Depot so I can try it out before I commit.

As for cleaning, I have the day off on Sunday. I think a thorough scrub is an excellent idea.

Day 8: What's your room missing?

Actually, my room is missing something that makes those fabulous cabinets I painted this summer look like they belong in the room. The fabric shades I've been meaning to sew would do just that.

Day 9: Dig in and Do research.

I have instructions for how to sew a roman shade in a book I've had, like, forever. I just need to read through and make a list of supplies I need.

Day 10: Make a list, Set a budget.

Here we are.

1. Paint.
2. Make Roman shades.
3. Possibly re-paint the chairs. That cobalt blue just isn't working anymore. The only thing holding me back is that they need thorough sanding--(best done out of the house) and we are hitting negative double digits next week. So. I do have the same chairs in black spread throughout the house. Perhaps the best thing to do is just drag those into the kitchen for now. That table cloth also needs to go.

Budget: $100.00

Day 11: Choose a date for a holiday get-together.

I want to have some of my daughter's friends over for a cookie bake off. December 12th might work.

Day 12: Shop and Gather Supplies.

Well, OK. Not for a few days yet, I think. I'd still prefer to test the paint colour I chose. But I can't wait forever. As for those shades, I could, possibly, start that. And do you think it is too soon after the ORC to ask my husband to sand those dratted chairs for me?


Rita said...

You are on a roll! All I've been doing is sewing kitchen towels. Home therapy, for sure. The need to sand--and how much I hate sanding--is what's kept me from tackling some more substantial things that really do need doing. Maybe they don't as our world seems to keep spinning even though they've been undone for quite some time now. :-) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this space.

thefarmersdaughter said...

Negative double digits? Is that early? Love your list of things to do!

MMarie said...

You ARE on a roll!

Your mom will love me for this, but what about slip covers for the chairs? Would that be too fancy / create more cleaning later? I also love the idea of bringing in the black chairs from elsewhere. They would go with the floor and the grey walls!

Alana in Canada said...

Rita--There is a fine line between "settling" and realising that things are fine the way they are. I do know that procrastination gives me the comforting illusion that I can have both things at the same time. Things are fine because I plan to change them. and I am not really settling--because I plan to change them.

Alana in Canada said...

thefarmer'sdaughter--yes, it is a little early--but for overnight lows it's not all that unexceptional, unfortunately. I like my list, too. I like that it is relatively small.

Mmarie--we are far too messy for slipcovered kitchen chairs--though that may be the solution of I move the black ones in and move these out to the dining room. My poor Mom!

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