Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ORC Diary: Photo Day.

Day 5.7

I get up early and get a coat of paint on the wood tops for the Billy bookcases and touch up the black in the interior of the fireplace.

I go to a physiotherapy appointment--I get a diagnosis. Rotator cuff tendinitis. Among other things, they put little electrode thingies on it with an ice pack and zap me, on and off, for about 20 minutes. It is very peaceful. I come home feeling a million times better.

Mom has waxed the end table for me and washed half my floor. Lots and lots of paint drops had made the going slow.

I plant the cacti.

Then, I begin to empty the living room. My son is feeling run down, so he's home from school today, so I ask him to help.

Mom starts hemming the curtains. I should have got a picture. We decided to use hemming tape and we set the ironing board up right under the drapes still on the rod. She puts the ironing board close to the floor, sits on a stool and hems up the first one lickety split.

But when we go to start the second one--I actually cry when we discover the dog has marked it for his own. It is yellow. And dried.

Mom is such a trooper, she washed them out and just got on with the job. She was amazing.

Then, she puts the slip cover on the couch and steams out a few wrinkles.

I mop the floor and we take a minute while it dries.
Then, the minute over, we find some towels and using our feet, slide them over the floor to dry it.

Mom has to leave in less than half an hour.

Mom and I lay the rug. We get it positioned--and she has to go.

I call my son and he helps me put the chairs and tables back into the room.

And then, with two hours of daylight left, I take my photos.

People, it is amazing. You will not believe it.

This is a low light plant called Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, or the ZZ plant.


Anne At Large said...

So exciting! I was sad there for a bit about the dog and your curtains, but your mom is my new hero! I'm dying to see the pictures now!

However, in my experience, ZZ plants are not low light... where I have seen them do well has been in places where they get a lot of bright indirect light and good consistent mousture (plentiful water but not staying wet cconstantly). If you start losing leaves I would just make sure it's not too dim, too dry or too soggy (vague much?)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for the plant advice, Anne. I will be very dissappointed if the ZZ plant doesn't like its new home.

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