Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Few Fave Kitchens

I am doing the Style Cure 2014 with Apartment Therapy. This is my "Free" Day.

Way, way back in the beginning of the process we were supposed to do some on-line or in person style collecting. I did some looking about and pinned some images to my kitchens board, but I was focused on the One Room Challenge and didn't pay too much attention.

Well, now, it is time.

I don't know if this exercise will actually change any of my decisions--but it can be fun to look at pretty kitchens, yes?

I love all the colour, of course, but also how the chair and upholstery colours reverse themselves from the chairs to the banquette. I would love to do something like that.

I love that door. Love the mix of wood and metal on the island.

This has to Karen's kitchen (by Carol Reed). I recognize the floor.  What is not to love? The black and white tile, shaker cabinetry, brass pulls, wood countertops, brick (brick!), thick white shelves and a hella nice range. Currently being featured in Canadian Living magazine, so not a lot of on-line photos available, yet.

Believe it or not, I just found this  kitchen tonight.

It's interesting to see my own idea (executed months before mine) on the web. I am glad my counter top is not green.

This is the Kate and Andy Spade kitchen, photographed by The Selby. I love the big, bold stripe of the banquette and the whole black and white thing happening everywhere. Except for the marble, that could be my kitchen table.

And last but not least:

Emily Henderson't kitchen, after it was featured in Domino. I love this to bits. It's more the ambience, though, than the specifics. The pendants are OK (love that they are white), love the airy lightness of the top--nd the wood introduced with cutting boards. Nice Roman shade, too.

Well, this exercise took a lot of time and I looked at hundreds of images of kitchens: and while there are lots of gorgeous ones out there, most of them just don't appeal to me. Most are too polished. I like mine a bit rough around the edges, somehow. I certainly like a lot of contrast--which makes for a busy environment. Especially when the dishes are piled high on the counter tops!


MMarie said...

I've been thinking about your kitchen and yesterday I thought about whether you could add banquet seating in the corner! Then I noticed the low window ledge and realized that would not work. I also wondered if it would work to switch your kitchen and dining rooms That would cost much to much though, and probably be odd. Could you ever extend your kitchen out into your back yard? (it's fun to dream!)

Alana in Canada said...

I would LOVE to extend my kitchen into that south facing back yard--the addition would have windows on all three sides. We got an estimate fifteen years ago: $50,000. We judged that too expensive. If I'd known how lonely I was going to be in that kitchen because it's so awkward! I am researching banquette seating even though the window is in the way--maybe we can just use a deep bench or something. We'll have to "mock" something up before we actually do it to get a feel for it.

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