Friday, November 28, 2014


I am not a minimalist.

(I came to that conclusion, sadly, after this discussion at Lisa's blog, Trapped in North Jersey.)

But, oh, my gawd. We took down the cookbook shelf and the microwave shelf and in spite of the awful, awful walls, I love it. The emptiness. The openness.

What an incredible difference it makes to my perception of the space. Especially as I enter--since the microwave isn't there to take up all that visual (and physical) space.



In my ideal kitchen, this stove wouldn't be here at all. Here we would have a custom fit pantry (and separate broom closet) that would match the depth of that chimney flue on the right. It would stop somewhere maybe a foot? short of the doorway.

yesterday (I didn't take a proper shot of the doorway but this does show the cookbook shelf with my utensils hanging off a double row of towel bars. The towel bars will not be put back up.) 


Not a lot of painting done. Mostly repairs. Like this:

We used up so much spackle, we actually had to go out in the snow storm to get more.

I am just craving space.

ETA: After writing the above, I putzed around with the shelves in the dining room.



And yes! I got my cookbooks on them.


Marian said...

I positively crave open and uncluttered spaces! I've been on a major purge these past few weeks, and although I've made some great progress, sentimentality (about kids' stuff) continues to be my downfall.

Your kitchen looks so much lighter now, especially with the cookbook shelf and hanging utensils gone! Where will you put your microwave now? Same spot but a different shelf?

Alana in Canada said...

Oh good for you, Marian. Decluttering is quite satisfying.

Yes, unfortunately, there is no other place for the microwave. It will go back where it was--only a little higher to match the cabinet beside it. I looked into purchasing an actual cabinet with doors, but I haven't got enough space. (Just as well, really, doors would further crowd that entrance.)

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I too struggle with being a maximalist at heart. The open space looks great, the kitchen is coming along nicely!

MMarie said...

I love the gray! I recommend white for your ceiling. As i look at your photos i wonder if youve considered raising your cupboards to the ceiling? It would give you much more space above your counters and i think your kitchen would feel much more open. Youd have to remove the it called a suffice? Youd also have more room above the stove, for safety reasons. Wish id thought of this before you painted!

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