Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 2: Fall Back.

Taking Aurelia (not her real name) to the hospital Monday night messed with my already messed up circadian rhythms. I am now going to bed at 5 or 6 am and getting up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Then, I make supper and we sit down and watch about 3 hours of House in the evening. And then, I get on the computer. We've one more season to go before we can't go any further and then, perhaps, life will calm down.

This is where things stand right now:

I did get this done:

It doesn't look quite "done," somehow. Any other ideas for this little space? It is a former "phone alcove" and it's right in the entryway. I'd like it to make me smile.

I am going to do my best to push through this afternoon and see what I can accomplish.

re comments: keep them coming! I like the idea of covering the metal spice "rack" with a lightweight paper, just to take the hard metal edge off the whole thing. Similiarly, I like the idea of putting down a cloth, or fabric, or again, paper on top of this dresser and then placing a piece of glass over it. I'll know whether it's feasible as soon as I price out a bit of glass. Thanks for the suggestions!


Anna said...

Hi Alana

What a cute little alcove - I'd like one of those. My only suggestion would be to maybe paint the back a different colour or make the alcove itself the artwork by papering it with a funky wallpaper?

If all else fails add a bud vase with a flower, can't go wrong :)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks Anna!

Yes, I think I need to start with painting the back a different colour.

Mella DP said...

That would have been my suggestion - also, I feel like it needs one more object on the shelf. Don't know what to suggest though. I like the things you have there. I didn't go in with any intention to cure, but that seems to be what I'm in the process of doing to my bedroom, so maybe I'll post some pics.

Also, sorry the girl's been sick. There's plenty of nastiness of that sort down here already too. And as for the daylight...I never relish these first few days when all of a sudden it's dark two hours before I leave the office. Some day I should try living in the western part of a time zone.

LOJO said...

how's the daughter? I hope things are good up there-

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