Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Bathrooms.

My least favourite week, ever.

I'm sorry I can't give you a tour. There are a few pictures, though. Nonetheless, this is really no more than a ramble and a To-Do list.

The Ramble.

I have some great "fishy" tile at the back of the sink in my downstairs bathroom. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought and installed it, but fortunately, I still like it. It just makes the room hard to change into any other sort of "style" --which as it isn't that expensive to do, is unfortunate.

However, the colours I have to work with are yellow-orange, orange, navy, and green. (I allow all sorts of blues with the navy, though.) The last time I did up this room, I went with the brights: an orange curtain, yellow and orange towels, a Toftbo shower curtain. (See this post from 2007 if you want visuals).

This time, I want things more subdued, more relaxing. I also have to fix this:
(gross alert):

My husband thinks it's caused by the hot water tap and water coming from the surface of the sink deck. Looking at it now, I wonder if it isn't the plastic "frame" around the tile capturing the water from the sink deck and channeling it over and down. It's rotted the baseboard underneath it, too.

Does anyone have any ideas? I can scrape and re-caulk--but that's not a long term solution.

The To Do List:

Clean shelves
Declutter, and clean medicine cabinet shelves and mirror
Replace towels with blue ones (done)
Wash walls
Wash tub and tub surround (It really should be replaced).
Wash floor
Wash drain pipes
Wash toilet, inside and out.

I did manage to take a few pictures of my upstairs bathroom before the camera died. But I really cannot show you. This bathroom embarrasses me greatly. It is tiny. I measured it so we can buy new flooring: it is 52" wide--and 52" long. I will show you the shelves over the toilet, though, just so you can see the challenge of putting up anything for storage.

(That's not dirt on the toilet tank: it's actually metal. I believe the toilet bowl and tank are original--and the tank is painted metal. The paint has peeled away and the tank top has rusted in many places. It's quite the eye sore.)

For this room:
Repeat above list (except for washing the tub and tub surround as we haven't any in the upstairs bathroom)
Re-think the storage
Buy new toilet
Buy and install new flooring
Put up a curtain (It's a casement window. But so what? I rarely open it as it is dangerous to the head of anyone who sits on the throne.)
Decide a colour scheme and style. This all-white business is depressing.



LOJO said...

I feel you on the tiny bathroom- both of mine are so small that I can't take a picture of them. One is just a half bath.

I think you might have to replace the wall board in that first bathroom. Plus, you really need to check for mold since it's wet.

drwende said...

Consider going with a paint color for the upstairs bath that makes your skin look healthy. Long winters and the light reflecting off snow make everyone over age 12 look the worse for wear in the mirror.

lauralynne said...

I feel your pain. Bathroom repairs always feel the icky-est, no matter what.

I'm wondering if you could get a very narrow kitchen cupboard for your upstairs bath--for the above the toilet storage? They make some awfully small, narrow ones and I can always fit more in a cupboard than on a shelf.

cowgirl in wellies said...

Can't wait to see the new bathrooms. Great to see you're still doing so well on tasks. I've gone completely off piste.

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