Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Entryway Wrap Up

I like the rhythm of the Cure. One week for the projects is perfect. I got bogged down this week and didn't get as much done as I wanted: but there's been a major improvement just from the decluttering alone. I like the accountability, too. I really pushed to get everything done yesterday so I could post this in a timely fashion.


To Do List:
Ta Da's (done) in blue.

1a. Get new rug for front door.
1. Clean out cleaning closet
2. Clean out coat closet
3. Clean out dresser drawers
4. Clear off dresser top

5. Paint dresser top or replace dresser
6. Replace artwork in both parts of the hallway

(I'm thinking this is too small for the space, but I am enjoying looking at it after having it stored away for many, many years)


7. Solve mitten/hat/scarf storage problem
8. Fix boot storage problem (if possible)
9. Paint up closet door trim
10. Clear stairs.
Also done:

Removed wax blobs from floor
Washed walls and baseboards
Sorted old mail, pitched and filed all sorts of paper clutter.
Painted little alcove.

Bought and installed new knobs on cabinet.


cowgirl in wellies said...

Painting and updating the cabinets? I think that's pretty good on the change scale. Great work!

Alana in Canada said...


Anna said...

Well done Alana - I think the alcove looks good and I love the new cabinet knobs. I want something similar on my airing cupboard.

Keep up the enthusiasm (hands up mine is starting to wane this week......)

drwende said...

Well done! I'm particularly proud of you for stopping on a room when the week is done and moving on to the next one, instead of becoming bogged down in huge projects. The progress you've made is significant enough in itself.

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