Friday, November 20, 2009

Bedroom Week: One Project. Just One. I Promise.

(picture from the Covent Garden Hotel in England)

The Headboard.

It is time.

I went looking for "bedroom posts" on the blog today to see what I had posted for inspiration in the past. I discovered I had already posted almost exactly the pictures I was thinking of posting today.

And then I noticed the date on that post: October 1997.
In it, I mention I've been thinking about a headboard "for a year."

There is something very sad inside me as a result of learning that I can carry around an idea of something I want for so long without any action whatsoever. I'm not sure what it is. It isn't forgetfulness. A headboard has been on my mind almost continuously for the last three years. It isn't patience, either, though it would be nice to claim it. Nope: it's something like procrastination plus a recognition that the time, somehow, isn't right. (And do I say that because it is true or only for the small bit of solace it offers?)

It is time, now, though.

How do I know? I've called a place and got a quote for foam. I called another and got a quote for plywood. I've been to websites seeking directions. (Here's one from designspongeI need to look at further.) I've discussed how we should mount it to the wall with the husband.

Ive got some brown wrapping paper in the basement and tomorrow I am going to take it and make a rough template of the size I want. Then, I'll call for more precise quotes. If I place my order with the Foam place by Monday, they'll have it ready cut for me by Thursday. How great is that?

Here is the area I'm working with, for those who haven't seen it (or have forgotten).

In other Cure News:

I have my brown drapes back from the dry cleaners and ready to hang--however, I've decided to lift the curtain rod an inch so they don't drag on the floor. (Yes, it is much easier and quicker to do this than to hem them. Each panel has thirteen triple pleats and they are lined. And no, I lived with them "dragging" for two years. No matter how much I tried to like it, (that whole ridiculous "puddling" thing) I couldn't. They picked up all sorts of dog hair and dust. Shudder. They also cost close to $100.00 to clean--and that was a steal. I want them to stay clean for a long, long time.)

I have painted the inside of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom downstairs. Two coats.

I just finished scraping up all the paint spots on the basin.

I had my husband remove the brackets in the kitchen which used to hold the top shelf over the stove.

I got him to get me the caulking (and gun) and explain to me how to use it, so I can handle that repair tomorrow.

And I asked him fish all the paint brushes and rollers from our freezer and wash them out. Two of four are salvageable. And that's great because I've four IKEA chairs I want to paint white as well as some of the furniture in my daughter's room.


scb said...

"One project. Just one." I don't know if I've ever heard you say that. Read you type that. Whatever this is I'm doing.

Headboard. An excellent project! I'm so excited to see how it turns out! (I've tried various permutations of "things" for headboards -- actual wood and foam and fabric sounds like an excellent plan. Not a plan that I can do, but an excellent plan to watch from afar, and applaud.)

cowgirl in wellies said...

You are doing so fantastic. Go, go girl! Can't wait to see what fabric you choose for the headboard.

drwende said...

This is fantastic!

Colleen said...

can't wait to see the finished product!

word verification: mismend. hilarious!

Anna said...

What energy you have for this. Am impressed. Looking forward to headboard result.

LOJO said...

I can't wait to see it (and hear how you did it) since I too need a headboard.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I can't wait to see it either! I love a pretty headboard! Your inspiration photo is gorgeous and I think a headboard will make a huge difference in that room. Which is already a nice room. Your Cure is going great!

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