Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 5: The Office, Intro.

I have decided that I'm not going to "wrap up" the Living room until I've got my brown drapes back from the dry cleaners. Unfortunately, that may be in two weeks. Yesterday, the husband and I went out to Home Despot and scouted their rug selection. Lo and behold, they had plain coloured 8x10s for $99.00. We put a hold on a gold coloured one and will be bringing it home this afternoon to see how it goes. I know that buying a "cheap" place-holder rug goes against all of AT's principles but I've excellent reasons for it (as in not having had a place holder for the last seven years has just about completely ruined our floor).

So, on to the office/dining room. Actually, this room is only a dining room about four or five times a year, the rest of the time I sit here and peck away at the keyboard.

These pictures were taken last week. I've tidied up a bit since then, but the visual clutter of this room hasn't gone away. For that to happen, I would have to be willing to part with an awful lot of what's on the shelves: and I'm not willing to do that in any significant way. We'll see what I can do, just don't expect much improvement, that's all.

To Do

(unless a trip to the second hand bookstore becomes necessary to sell a few books)
Well, OK, I probably should invest in a more comfortable office-type chair, but I think the non-existent Cure budget is already blown.

deal with File Pile
declutter shelves

wash/dust all shelves
file papers
clear off desk
create an action pile--and take action on at least one item


drwende said...

AT tends to assume people will live in primitive conditions while they save for the perfect item. Thing is, as you've said -- you're ruining the floor. A rug that fits your budget and makes you happy NOW is much more valuable than a hypothetical future rug.

LOJO said...

I second Wendes comment. If we all saved up for the perfect item Ikea would be out of business.

I have 3 office areas to perk up this week, the computer area, my office and the dining room desk. EEK>

Anna said...

Good luck with week 5. You already look pretty organised in the office - particularly your Expedit. I like how the curtains match your storage boxes.

Alana in Canada said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you both, Wende and Lorijo!

Anna--I did this room as a One Room Project during a cure--when was that? Spring 2008...or was it Fall 2007? I remember it took a long time. Oh well, if you want you can look up Posts under "dining room" and find the whole thing.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I can't wait to see that room with a properly sized rug, placeholder or not. I think it will make a big difference. And I like your office, sometimes a room just needs a good dust/tidy and not a whole deep Cure.

lauralynne said...

I like the tin of Quality Street candies! :) What a great name.

cowgirl in wellies said...

I pretty much missed week 4. Oh well. Our office needs some organizing, but the builders are in installing a new heating system this week so our office space will be holding all the stuff from the spare bedroom. Have a great week!

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