Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Since this week is not just about bathrooms, but about lighting too, I thought I'd share a nutty thing I did to keep track of the various kinds of light bulbs I need for my various kinds of fixtures.

I was going crazy keeping track of it all--and I never seemed to have what I needed whenever we blew a bulb. For example, I need those teeny tiny stem bulbs--but some fixtures can only take 40 watts while others can handle 60. I'd remember to buy the bulbs: but forget precisely which wattage.

So, I took photos of all my light fixtures and inserted them into a word document detailing the wattage of the bulb I needed as well as the quantity. I guess you could call it a "Light bulb Inventory" except I have another sheet of paper I keep in the closet called "Light bulb Inventory." I'm not posting the latter though, since I don't use it much--not now that I'm in the habit of just buying a package (or three) of whatever light bulb I happened to replace that week.

Making up these sheets was helpful, though, not only in determining what I needed but also in figuring out what could be switched over to Compact Fluorescent--as indeed some of these have been.

Ready for my own brand of household management nuttiness?
Here they are. (I hope you can see them properly: I just scanned in the pages).

P.S. On the bathroom front, I worked in the downstairs bathroom today. I took down the shower curtain, the shower curtain liner and the window curtain and washed them all. I even ironed the window curtain and put it back up: all before bath time tonight! I also washed the open shelves over the toilet and emptied and washed out the medicine cabinet. I threw out some cough syrup that had actually crystallized on the bottom and some Neo-Citron dated to expire in 2007.

Then, using my step ladder I washed all the walls (and door) from the ceiling down--as well as the blue ceiling over the tub/shower. I have yet to wash the tub, the walls from standing height down, the baseboards, and the floor. I'm also have to deal with the caulking yet. I'm also going to re-paint the inside of the medicine cabinet and the back of the mirrored door tomorrow morning. I just realised today, after living here for ten plus years, that the back of the door is actually blue--and not white as I had always thought.


LOJO said...

I washed the walls of my bathroom the other day. Funny.

got a new shower curtain too- but that's the extent since we have to do some serious work in that tiny little room.

drwende said...

The light bulb pages are NOT nutty! I've had to resort to carrying the burnt-out bulb to the store with me to match it, but that doesn't work if it shattered.

I've had the "what do you mean, it's been this color the whole time we've lived here?" discovery, too, though I can't remember the details.

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