Wednesday, November 18, 2009

January Complete

and I am underwhelmed.

I'm making a calendar for my Mom, my M-I-L and my own Grandmother as a Christmas present. I do it every year (except last year). My mother gets the original pages and the others get copies done up at Staples.

Essentially, what I create are 8x8 scrapbook pages which I affix to a pre-made 8x8 coiled calendar. This year, to keep things simple, I decided to print the pictures 5x7 and stick to one design scheme: a quote, a piece of patterned paper and an embellishment. This year, all the quotes have to do with education (since I had already collected a number of them for a Home school planner I'm making.)

This is what I came up with for January, last night. I'm not sure what to think.

(The picture was taken in January of 2009. That's my nephew in the middle).
Bah Humbug.


drwende said...

Oh, I know this feeling! You think of an efficient and sensible way to get a "creative" project done, and then somehow the first round of results just doesn't feel like it gels. (See, e.g., Moose Lodge still not fully painted.)

Viewing as an outsider, I think January looks good and you would be aesthetically justified in finishing the rest of the year in that style.

Is your "meh" feeling based on how it looks or on not having the free time and energy to enjoy doing it? I've gone both ways on this kind of project...

marisa said...

that's a really good idea!

Alana in Canada said...

Wende--you get it! The "meh" is based on how it looks. I've set aside lots of time to get it done--although I have set the caveat to use up stuff from my sticker album. That's tough. I'd much rather sew a snowflake with embroidery floss on cardstock than use a sticker of same, for example.

And thanks for the encouragement to continue. I really appreciate it--and need it!

Thanks Marisa.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I love the bah humbug nephew in the picture! I think this is very cute, partially based on the fact that I now get a calendar every year with just really close-up photos of my nieces and nephews and no snowflakes or quotes or anything, they just send away a picture file and get back a calendar. This clearly took time and effort and I think it's adorable!

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