Monday, November 30, 2009

Living Room Rug

My digital is still dead and still in the shop, unfortunately.

However, I took a couple of photos when I put down the 8x10 rug to get an idea of what it looked like with the ten feet running lengthwise. Then, I decided to turn the carpet around to see what it looked like with the eight feet running lengthwise and realised it didn't look right. That's also when I realised I had FILM in my camera and wouldn't be able to post any pictures for your input until long after I needed to make the decision!

So, the film is finally developed, the pictures scanned into the computer. Here's a picture of the way I decided it should go--positioned with the ten feet running lengthwise--the eight feet running from under the couch to the chairs by the window. It mimics the shape of the room and makes sense. I took a shot from far away and at a bit of a low angle, just so Anne could see how far under the couch it goes.

I never would have imagined how much a rug "completes" the room. I've since added the couch cushions back to the couch, purchased some very nice pillows (in orange) and put up my "winter" brown drapes. There's a red Poinsettia on the ottoman too. It's quite cheery. I wish I could show you that.


drwende said...

Wowza! It does complete the room!

Get yourself a new digital camera and show us the poinsettia already!

cowgirl in wellies said...

Lovely! How nice for Christmas.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I love it love it love it! Homey and cozy and tidy. And the rug just finishes it off. I would want it about six inches further under the couch though and a little farther from the curtains. But that's just me. I am having the opposite problem with my rug - I want it farther under the couch but I can't move the couch by myself so it's not going anywhere right now.

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