Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 2: The Entryway.

(I was with the daughter at Emergency last night for 3 1/2 hours only to be told they aren't testing for H1N1 unless the patient is having severe breathing problems or has "other" conditions as well. Fortunately she has neither. She'd been sick all day and we panicked when her fever spiked at 103.9 F at 1:00 am. She now has a free pass to drink ginger ale and watch TV for the rest of the week. Poor kid.)

The Hallway.

It is an "ell" shape, to the left. An upside down "L." It's just wide enough in both its legs to accept a piece of furniture and it's just narrow enough for that piece of furniture to make it feel crowded. I'd love to get rid of the cabinet in the first part of the hallway, but it is too useful.

Here's a tour.

This is the view of the hall as you come in the front door. The dining room/office is to the right and the living room to the left. The hall continues to the left behind it.

Standing at the stairs looking back to the door.

And this is as close a "close up" as you can get of the cabinet and wall arrangement I want to change.

I need dog resistant storage for boots and other consumables like hats, mittens and scarves. The basket in the cubby worked well until hubby made it "dog proof." Anything which replaces it also needs to store everything already there and be handy for the library books on their way out.

Turning the corner, we have two closets and a dresser and lots of doorways.

The closet you can see in this picture needs a serious cleaning out.

I took this shot in July, planning to do a thorough clean. I never got to it which is part of the reason why I'm doing the Cure, now.

The drawers of the dresser also need a serious cleaning out. I'd like to replace the dresser completely: the top is damaged, but it isn't in the budget. I can replace the art work, though, and that might help. This is the mail sorting center and an "overflow" grooming station from the bathroom behind it.

Also opposite the dresser (and beside the bathroom) is the coat closet. It's also the broom, mop, and vacuum closet as this is the only place to put them.

To Do List:

1a. Get new rug for front door.
1. Clean out cleaning closet
2. Clean out coat closet
3. Clean out dresser drawers
4. Clear off dresser top
5. Paint dresser top or replace dresser
6. Replace artwork in both parts of the hallway
7. Solve mitten/hat/scarf storage problem
8. Fix boot storage problem (if possible)
9. Paint up closet door trim
10. Clear stairs.

It'll be a challenge.


Liza-Ann said...

An easy fix for a damaged dresser/ table top is to buy a piece of glass for the top. You can then sandwich in your fav fabric, paper, pics or wallpaper remnant. You can even change it up with the holiday/ mood you are in.


lauralynne said...

I like the glass idea. Good luck dog proofing things.

Hope your daughter is feeling better. A fever of 103.9 is nothing to sneeze at.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I worry about the glass top idea just due to the seemingly very high traffic levels in here. I would be tempted to do the same but with a sheet of acrylic just for safety's sake. But then, I also grew up around a LOT of glass and the only time I ever broke any was punching through a window (long story). So your kids may do fine with it.

I also like the idea of painting the whole dresser and getting some snazzy knobs for it if replacing it isn't in the budget.

LOJO said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better.. that fever is scary huh?

They aren't really testing for H1N1 here either- they did test my Mom when she landed in the ER last weekend-she has breathing problems- even though she told them she DID NOT have H1N1 (she was right)

all of our area schools- except ours- are closed till Nov. 3 due to the illness. A little under 23% of the kids in my sons school are home sick.

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