Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 1: Style Tray

This is one of the funner parts of the Cure. I have scrapbooks, I have multitudinous files on the computer. I collected a few more pictures this past week and I found some old ones which still speak to me.

I am highly schizophrenic when it comes to style. I love fun, kitschy, and colourful as much as elegant, refined, and neutral.

What I want is a successful integration of the two, a happy marriage. I also need to settle on a colour scheme for the living room (I say this every cure) and add artwork and subtract books and doodads from every room.

I've made my repair list (which was depressing) and my decorating list and borrowed a steam cleaner to clean the couch.

Oh--and the one item I removed this week? A set of three glass vases.

We're good to go.


drwende said...

I know you were trying Style Statement for your attire... and this sounds exactly like the authors' "choose two words" method of reconciling apparent contradictions.

Given what you're saying about decorating style, I'm wondering if what you initially came up with for clothing style wasn't influenced by what you thought you ought to want -- your old answers from a very long ago winter WT strike me as more in line with what's here. (I think going down blind alleys of "think I ought to want" is a normal part of the discovery process, particularly if you're feeling beleaguered by the arrival of winter.)

Alana in Canada said...

I went and looked up some old WT posts and what came back was "casual creative."

What is it you think I'm saying about my decorating style?

I am quite confused by the comment.

drwende said...

You're describing your decorating style as elegant yet funky, in so many words.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I also like Classic yet Whimsical. And I am a big fan of your style tray.

6p0115722135d8970b said...

alana, i think you could have a 'happy marriage' by adjusting the balance between the two ends of your personal style spectrum based on how you want to use the room. so rooms that are more formal or more serene would be more weighted toward the traditional, neutral end with a few touches of whimsy, where the more energetic rooms would be more weighted toward the colorful, kitschy fun end of the spectrum with some traditional elements anchoring the look. some rooms are obvious (bedroom: serene, kitchen: lively) but where you want to go with others would just depend on how you want those rooms to make you feel - is your living room for quiet relaxing or family play time? is your bathroom your sanctuary to unwind at the end of the day, or do you want it bright and fresh to perk you up in the morning? i do think the two can coexist nicely in your house.

Alana in Canada said...

Funky classical, or flunky whimsical or rimsky korsakov, or something like that. I don't know if I could honestly pull that off. But thanks everyone, for your input. I appreciate it. Heck, it may even turn out to be useful. I hope so.

I have begun the detestable job of cleaning the kitchen. I'll post tomorrow.

drwende said...

Okay, so you tell us your style, and when you get support for that, you mock it and decide you probably can't pull it off?

Alana, you are the most relentlessly negative, defeatist person I know. No doubt I'm being offensive in being blunt, but it's very frustrating to try to be supportive of you when the response is always "I can't."

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