Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair Polling Results

OK, so I feel very silly. But that's OK: I'm also enjoying myself!

I bought make up last night and did my "face" this morning--and then "tried on" the two top hairstyles from yesterday.

Here they are. It was a tie.

This one is my preference. However, as is, I agree with Wende, it may be too time intensive for me to style.

(You notice it's flipped. That's just the way the chin and eyes in today's photo lined up!)

But this one--well, my hair is a bit wavier than this--and not so professionally blonde! Still, a Bob may be the way to go.

This one looks odd because my face is actually thinner and longer than the model's which is pretty square.

(I feel like I'm 16 again. And boy, am I anxiuosly waiting for that last little bit of the double chin to fall off. But, hey, I have now offificially lost 40 pounds.)


drwende said...

Congratulations on the 40 lbs!

Here's where you may want to do some research on hair products and see whether it's more work to get your hair straight for the bob versus elegantly tousled for the short cut. Products have changed A LOT in recent years, and I don't really have a handle on it.

I do know that my last cut-but-one looked fab in the salon and was completely unmaintainable by any means within my limited abilities.

Anonymous said...

I was too late to vote, but I like the top choices. I actually think the shorter looks are better overall, though. They open up your face and bring focus to your smile, which is lovely.

I'm with Wende on researching the styling products and talent required to maintain any of these styles, though. I personally avoid very short hair styles because I tend go a while between salon visits and that short hair isn't very forgiving. But my mother has always had very short hair and styles it in a way that takes no time at all.

You could always start with the bob and go shorter from there, depending on how you felt.

scb said...

Wonderful news about the 40 pounds! Way to go!!!

What the others said about hair products, because the first one looks so fantabulous...

Is the fact that my word verification is "jarweep" a reflection on the amount of pearsauce you ended up with? (I was wanting to eat those pears straight from the picture!)

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