Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the midst

of all the chaos, my daughter decided to make brownies.

For her brother.

(She knew I wouldn't say no with that pitch.)

It's his 12th birthday, today.

(We're doing the dinner celebration with Grandy tomorrow night as the kids have a thing to attend tonight).


scb said...

When I saw the big container of cocoa on the table, I thought "May I have some?" Yay for Aurelia. Clever ploy... "for my brother". I never got to use that one. Pity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is clever--making for somebody else is always hard to resist. ;)

You have quite the kitchen list! When I lived in Pittsburgh, most of my apartments were old houses that had been awkwardly sectioned off. Many of the kitchens were like this--weirdly laid out, too few cupboards, and some key element missing. At first the charm of seeing all your supplies on a wire or wooden shelf is enough to make you happy but then you start to long for DOORS. At least, that's been my experience. Good luck!

drwende said...

I just read more carefully and realized that your plan involves cleaning actual walls. Please share what works for you! I have weird substances on my walls and cabinets with no clue how to remove them. (If it's mostly a matter of scrubbing hard, break it to me gently, please.)

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