Saturday, July 12, 2008

That Settles It!

Turns out my third unidentified plant is.....(drum roll, please) alfalfa. Alfalfa! So, I'm growing vetch, clover and alfalfa along with some rampant Campanala.

It's all coming out. Out, I say.

(Do you suppose they are seeds long lain dormant from the era, 50 years ago now, when this was a prospering farm?)

I pruned some more off the remaining Thujas in the front. You can almost see the little roof over the front door, now.


(yep, that's the pile of pruned branches in the front left foreground, there.)

Seven weeks ago, when this madness began:

The husband says we'll work on the tree by the dining room window tomorrow (the one you can't see, behind the Birch tree).

Yes, I know, (for those who have been following the paint saga) I was supposed to pressure wash the fence this weekend. But it occurred to me at three am this morning (two and one half hours before the appointed time to get up so I could have the car to fetch the ruddy thing) that the raspberries are just beginning to ripen. I thought we should probably wait until the harvest is done--about another three weeks or so.

So, meantime, I'll be sawing trees and hauling on the crowbar--when does gardening get fun?


Anne (in Reno) said...

That is, possibly, the definitive catch with gardening. You have to do all the nasty dirty work WAAAAAY before you get to enjoy everything looking all nice. But it is so worth it. I promise. Just from being able to go look at my plants in the morning before work in the summer, I can tell you that the hard work (and it is always HARD) really does pay off like crazy in the end.

Also, campanulas might be nice if you had a spot for them, they are the most mild of all of your invasives and I have worked in places where they were weeds and they just ignored them and they can make an ignored weedy corner look quire pretty. You might be able to dig up some of those and maybe the delphiniums and plant them somewhere else (by the rose?) and have them be very pretty (and free!) and they are not nearly the problem weeds that vetch and clover can be. Just a thought...

scb said...

You definitely have a farm field in that rectangular space. Alfalfa!

At the pile of branches that you've taken off the tree, I can only say "Wow". You could build another tree with all that! Now you're going to have a lovely place for flowers in front of the house. this is all going to look soooo good. eventually.

And just think, you don't have to go to a gym, and pay money to get great exercise.

drwende said...

Your cottage is SO CUTE when it's visible.

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