Monday, July 28, 2008

Garden Tour, Part 2

My camera died at the first garden of the second day.

That put a kibosh on my plans to take pictures...and analyse later. But I did what I could.

I walked slowly and leisurely. I didn't even ask about too many plants.

I breathed and smelled and felt. I chatted with owner/gardeners about, oh, all kinds of things vaguely garden related. I ate rhubarb cake.

I was delighted and enthralled. Charmed and beguiled.

I didn't entirely leave my left brain at home, but almost.

I noted that straight lines leave me cold. In each case where they were used they tended to put the planting "on display." In one case, I felt I had actually walked into a public garden, instead of someone's back yard. Broad sweeping lines are much more inviting--and relaxing.

I noticed that simply planting along the edges, called "perimeter planting" was sometimes the answer to an oddly shaped lot or a particularly shallow one.

Decks with broad steps were inviting--less imposing and integrated to the garden rather than merely being appendages to the house. This one had the patio right in the flower bed. I loved it. I also loved the colours.

Beds need trees or tall shrubs. It gives a feeling of lushness to the landscape. So do tall delphiniums! Some of them were shoulder height. They were amazing. I realised I must have blue oat grass. It's also quite tall and sways beautifully in the breeze.

Mature trees along the back of a property, instead of closing it in, gave the property a sense of being cosy, private and established. In most cases, the folks who were lucky to have these were also tying to block the noise of traffic, though.

I learned not to be afraid to divide the space. It really is more interesting when you have to round a corner or set off to explore where the path leads. It also makes things feel more spacious, oddly enough.

And water--I will have water, if not in this exact way.

These folks create magic. It was an honour and a privilege and a joy.

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