Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How do you test colour on a fence?

It's a serious question!

As I mentioned a long, long time ago, it will take 10 gallons to put one coat on this monster.

I bought a quart (or litre, as I should call it) to test out my colour pick. What do you think?

(Unfortunately, the sun wasn't shining when I took the after pictures--it's threatening rain, again!

Here's a picture from a wee bit further away:

And here's one of the other side: the one folks see when they walk by.

I like it.

I went to paint behind my High Bush Cranberry, but there's mould on the fence. A quick google search has led to the conclusion that I'll need to power wash the fence with some sort of cleaning agent. (sigh).

What do you all think? Is this the way to go?

I'm a wee bit worried that the barks of my tall-shrubs-pretending-to-be-small-trees won't show up in winter. But I don't quite see any way around that given the colour of my house.


Anne (in Reno) said...

How close is this to the house color? Is that the house color right there on the right? Because it seems like you'd either want to match it a little closer or contrast it more (darker, maybe a browny-green)?

Alana in Canada said...

Yep. The house is The house isn't painted--it's a stucco--and it is different colours depending on the exposure it has got over the last 50 years! Makes it really, really hard to pick paint for trim.

But this is the fence--which will pretty much always be seen in conjunction with the south side of the house.

Funny you should mention a browny-green. That was my second choice for a paint colour. Perhaps I can get a litre of that and try it out, but I'd like more opinions, first.

drwende said...

On my monitor, the test patch exactly matches the house...

...but I'm still leaning toward agreeing with Anne about a darker browny green. Contrast sounds more like what you were aiming for originally, plus as the painted wood weathers, the color is going to shift away from the stucco color because of the different materials.

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