Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shadow Play

Remember The Grid?

The consensus seems to be that since I have an asymmetrical house, the grid would not be terribly helpful to me as a tool for designing my front yard. (Though, honestly, it shouldn't matter!)

One fellow at the forum where I've been wringing my hands all too often these days suggested I get a can of biodegradable paint and outline the shadows which play across my lawn. He suggested I do it at 6am and 6 pm.

Well, I didn't get out and get a can of spray paint last night (this one vehicle policy of ours really sucks at times) but I did get up at 8am to take pictures. (Long-time readers of this blog will realise the commitment and dedication this exemplifies).

There wasn't much to see at 8 am.

See? Truly, this was the most interesting picture. Everything, and I mean everything was in shadow.

So, I went back out at 9:30.

At 10:30, I got smart and took shots of the entire front so I could piece them together into a handy-dandy panoramic:

At 11:30, the light hardened.

I took a break for lunch, but went out at 1pm (true noon) to see what, if anything, had changed.

I was truly intrigued by this time. Would much change by 2:00pm?

I didn't get out again until 3:30:

At 4:30:

I was just about to set out again at 5:30, but the husband came home and we had to go run errands. When we got back at 8:00 there were no shadows at all.

Which one (if any!) would you pick for the basis of a design?

1 comment :

drwende said...

11:30 -- it's the one that comes closest to giving you partial symmetry.

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