Thursday, July 24, 2008

Progress Report

I'm afraid this gardening thing has been all-consuming. I imagine it would be fairly boring to anyone not similarly obsessed, so I haven't been posting much. However, some small progress has been made!

1) We've started ripping out the sidewalk that runs in front of the dining room window. After taking down the tree, it was very obvious the whole thing was heaved and sloping back towards the house.

The husband just wanted to "see" how easy it would be to remove it. This is what was accomplished after we took turns going at it with a sledgehammer and a crowbar for a few hours.

(Aurelia's job was to collect the small stones which fell out of the rubble and stockpile them for me.)

This is where we are now:

The whole project had me in a panic for a few days. We must have a path (or "access") leading round to the side of the house here for the meter reader. The city recently extracted all the gas meters and placed them outside our houses. I'm thinking of creating a gravel path--but I'm not entirely sure just where, yet. And I realised that as long as there is access and something shoveled in winter, I don't need to decide its precise location just yet. That's good, because I still don't know what I'm doing!

2) I'd say "we" but I'm really not helping with this at all--the husband and Caius are in the process of removing my strange front bed--the wooden edgings to be precise.

Here's a "before"--looking at it from the front door, out to the street.

Here's what they've managed to take out so far. Those are 4x6 and 4x4 foot posts, bolted together.

There's about a third of it yet to go. Not sure what we'll use the wood for.

I've applied herbicide to all the vegetation and now I need to cut it down.

It really isn't much, but it's hard physical work, so I guess it can't go any faster than our aging backs and muscles allow.

Oh, 3) I did get this tiny section of fence painted!

In case you think it still looks pretty goldy, (as I do) here's a comparison:

That's it for now.


drwende said...

This is impressive, if back-breaking, progress!

Personally, I'm happy to read about your gardening adventures every day, no matter how trivial, as long as I don't have to garden myself.

scb said...

Yay, you're still alive!

I, too, enjoy the vicarious gardening. More! More! I'm impressed at the feats of bravery and muscle that are being accomplished. You definitely don't need to sign up for a gym membership!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Looking good! I'm glad to see something happening to that wacky flowerbed without you having to get out the crowbar. And I think that section of fence looks wonderful with the new paint color! It contrasts really well with the house color now.

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